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Sound Off: I remember hearing that the city of Lawrence was considering starting a citywide curbside

Why do we need this? It's free at Walmart. Plus there are several entrepreneurial businesses that do it already.

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Baker defeats Cent. Methodist

Thanks for covering Baker Football!!
Go Cats!!
#9 in the nation!!!

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Heard on the Hill: Wired magazine takes on KU mural; Newt Gingrich likes KU's Natural History Museum; reporter says good-bye

Thank you for such an entertaining column. It has become one of my favorites. I wish you much success.

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Homeless shelter marks beginning of new home

Someone let me know how the homeless families/ kids are going to get anywhere? Doctors, school, etc. With no sidewalks they are going to walk their families down the highway, around the 65 mile an hour cars, the construction trucks and the drivers texting. Brilliant!!!

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Court case causing more delays for SLT project

If building the SLT through the Baker University built wetlands is so hortible why isn't someone trying to shut down 31st street?

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Douglas County Commissioner Nancy Thellman seeking a second term

I agree! Thanks Kansasredleg!

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Haskell, KU students walking to underscore environmental, Native American spiritual issues of trafficway

It was drained until Baker University, brought it back to life. Not Haskell or anyone associated with Haskell. Weird! After decades of neglect Haskell now thinks special.

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City leaders to share details of recreation complex plans

Why are city leaders blinded by Bill Selfs$1,0000,000 dollars. It will cost millions to get infrastructure there alone.
What will it bring us. Part time job student jobs. Maybe a few management jobs. But millions of dollars of debt.
We need real economic development to bring real jobs to Lawrence. I vote no to the rec center. Yes to spending money and the city employees time on bringing jobs to Lawrence.

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Proposed rec center offers ‘huge’ opportunities

Developers donate land and look like heroes. Then the city and county pay for all the utilities to the property. Which means the utilities are brought to all the other properties they own for free.
It's genius!
Also, why do we need this large facility? Is there really a need? KU relays should be at KU. If KU wants a bigger venue then build it on all of the KU land between Iowa st and Kasold Dr. Aren't the relays a big success downtown?
Is there a feasibility study showing we need this?

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State commits to building 15th Street interchange on SLT if $2 million in local funds is used

Seriously!!! You believe it was a wise investment in real estate. They overpaid for it by almost double the "RETAIL" value at the time of contract.
Since the county just lowered the value of county land by up to 30%. They overpaid even more.

Just so you understand the history. The original developers wanted the land to be zoned in a way that would have originally allowed for the homeless shelter to go there. But the planners told the developer "NO". That this was an inappropriate use for the land.
Now that that the homeless shelter can't find any other place the county buys the land so they can change the zoning. HUH!!! Plus, they overpaid for the land.

We conservatives do understand. I don't think you are looking at the overall picture!

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