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Baker University president retiring in 2014

Pat is an amazing President. She will be missed. My son is getting an amazing education from Baker. The school is so active and helpful in the students education during and after graduation.
Thank you Pat for all you have done. Good luck!

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City to start process of building $10 million worth of infrastructure at Farmland site

If they want to create business in Lawrence I hope they use Lawrence businesses to install the infrastructure.

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City Hall brokers deal to scrap controversial bidding process for $25M recreation center; proposal now calls for open bidding

The last agreement I read said we are only getting a building. We aren't buying a parking lot. KU owns the parking lot. But the city is paying to maintain the parking lot. Plus, the city is paying for all the maintenance of all the landscaping including KU.
So, we pay $25m for a Morton building with no parking lot. Plus, we pay to maintain all the landscaping and the parking lot we don't own.
Huh! Sounds like a great deal. NOT!!!

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Planning commissions recommend denial of sand permit

What does Horizon 2020 got to do with anything. Depending on the commissioners and who is complaining the loudest Horizon 2020 gets changed.
When that thing was written times were different.

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Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods calls for citywide election on recreation center project

Is this a democracy or a dictatorship?

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Editorial: Cliff crisis

How can America have any kind of respect on world affairs if we can't handle our own. I have heard this issue discussed several times on BBC. Other countries are beginning to question whether to listen to us.
Obamas new world order is deincentivizing people. The good old American dream is leaving. Pull up your boot straps and you can live the American dream. Now you work hard and make money. You are now evil and should give your money to the government to redistribute. American does have the richest poor people in the world.

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City agrees to close portion of 15th/Bob Billings Parkway for summer of 2013, despite objections

Would Bob Schumm have the same decision if they closed mass street and customers couldn't easily get to Buffalo Bobs or his tenants businesses.
The city should do signage, newspaper and Internet advertising for all those businesses.
Times are tough for small businesses. The commission could have more sympathy.

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Amyx asks City Commission to weigh recreation center against other city priorities, projects

There are three mis understandings.
A vote in 1994 counts! Haha! That was different economic times.
Second, you say pennies a day to support the rec center. Are you forgetting that for $25M you are only getting a building. No parking lot. But the city is agreeing to maintain the parking lot, maintenance, resurfacing, snow removal. Plus, the city is giving ku all the water meters for free. Plus, giving ku all the water to maintain all the landscaping.
That's just a few items on the list of give aways.
Lastly, these major events people believe will come. We will be competing with the marketing efforts of the new sports complex being built at The Legends by The partnership of Livestrong and Cerner. They will spend lots of money to make their project successful.
It's wont be pennies a day.

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