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Charges won't be filed in fatal bike-truck collision at South Lawrence Trafficway

It's just plain stupid to have a stop light / pedestrian crossing on a 65mph highway. That alone begs people to run it / speed up for yellow lights. They need to make it 4 lane now with the bypass finally coming to fruition, and make that intersection an overpass to limit access to the bypass and not have a stop light on a highway.

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Labor, community groups plan to rally against Americans for Prosperity

There is nothing civil when labor unions are involved.

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Judge puts parts of new Kansas abortion law on hold

Unexpectedly pregnant? That's an oxymoron. So you expect me to believe that pregnancy just happens? Really? Let's take this example and apply it to other circumstances: I drank a case of beer and I unexpectedly got drunk. Ok, how about another: I was speeding and I unexpectedly got a ticket. One of my favorites: I was breaking into a house and unexpectedly got put in jail. Why is there such a disconnect with cause and effect?

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Inadvertently sent Kansas Department of Revenue email shows expectation of revenue gain in May

Nice debate syle JABOTB...Let's see, if I can't intellectually weigh in, I'll sink to the lowest common denominator and make a personal attack. NICE!

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Sound Off: I was concerned about the expense of installing automatic watering systems at Prairie Par

Mud on the sidewalk? Really? With the amount of rain we have here, that should be a 3-4 time a year problem. Why don't you landscape it so you don't have so much change in elevation and the dirt will stay put on it's own? With the drought we've had the past couple of years, instead of a crop that requires water and infrastructure to support it, landscape it in a way that doesn't require the expensive overhead. Or put the maintenance guys to work 30 minutes every 2-3 weeks running hose and a sprinkler. Wasting money! Now that's education!

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Advocate Lilly Ledbetter discusses fight to get equal pay, pass bill

This is a serious issue, but isn't it funny how the lamestream media didn't mention this fact at all while Obama was stoking the fires of the GOP's supposed war on women? The simple fact is he signed the bill and not obeying it, so he's a hypocrite. Talk about the press being in someone's pocket. Not to mention Benghazi or any other thing our bungler in chief has bungled.

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Letter to the Editor: Voting lesson

And it's the voter ID law that is somehow at fault? Expired for 2 years? Always someone else's fault right?

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Letter to the Editor: Voting lesson

It's called Obamacare, and yes congress did adopt it. Just hope it gets overturned before the 47% plus get on it other wise we won't be allowed to take away that so called "safety net" either. I mean why should anyone pay for their healthcare either? And explain this to me, if you have to provide an ID for cough syrup, why is it somehow only a problem when it comes to providing an id to vote?

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Letter to the editor: Out of hand

The sheer amount of wealth envy is truly appaling in the country. Unfortunately the seeds of it are sowed by the lamestream media and idiots are gobbling it up. Another problem is someone thinking that somehow he or she is entitled to what others make or has the right to tell someone else what to do. Good for Bill Self and the people that aren't shamed out of what they do because they make a big difference. You have to have something to be charitable. And the govt should not be a redistribution machine.

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