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Brownback administration drops federal grant program to help people apply for food stamps

Brownie a convert into Catholicism better head to the confessional booth to make this right Smilin Sam owes the pope as well as his fellow Opus Dei and C-Street buddies an explanation; God's Senator has fallen out of favor and tossed aside his commitment to humility. His former compatriots must now realize Brownie likes Koch-a-Kolas more than helping his fellow papists.

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New water treatment plant proposed east of Lawrence

Would they be using the old Co-Op Farmland wells? That facility used a large amount as part of it's fertilizer production. Little confusing, allowing only limited types of development/use yet being outside the 500 year flood plain.

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City commission to consider $725,000 loan to homeless shelter

Build it and they will come begging for more. Trying to put a guilt trip on the Commission and the City. Shame, shame, shame!

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Democrats sense a chance of defeating Republican Kobach in secretary of state's race

Pack away this embarrassment and his 1933 Germanic ideas about voting.

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

phoggydrive: No clue you say, attended 100's of Allen Fieldhouse and Hoch Auditorium games. KU has bought into the hype that has become college BB. Next thing you know, KU will employ one of those jackass announcers that sound like MCing a low class cattle auction

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

Part of the cheapening of KU basketball program. Too much hype, too much chasing the one and done's , making the program look un-refined, spoiled fans, too much like Kentucky, Syracuse, Connecticut. Clean it up or loose you class.

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State scraps latest plan for Clinton Lake resort, but tourism leader wants to keep idea alive

Not only a flyover because of limited tourism possibilities; in fact Kansas was assessed to be the least likely location for tourism and the most boring state in the Union. Regardless of what Brownie wants to do for developing tourism, it ain't gunna happen. Couple this with a backsliding political situation dominated by wingnuts, Kansas will loose any good will it developed in the past and will continue to reinforce it's standing of the nations laughing stock.

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Pumpkin patch proposal withdrawn, but may be revived

Way to intimidate folks wanting to set up legitimate, clean business.

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City compost and woodchip sales begin Saturday

With both the Mulch and Compost loading days on October 11/12, I can imagine the line of haulers backed-up to near Eudora!

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Idea for Clinton Lake resort scrapped by state; city asked to approve name for Farmland business park

A couple of comment on both parts of this story: Good outcome on Clinton Reservoir, but I would like to see fishing docks and maybe one heated, enclosed one. They work well in Oklahoma and even Lake Shawnee in Topeka has one.

Having worked at Co-Op Farmland many years ago, I was hoping the place might carry the name: Nitrogen/Phosphorus Enhanced Park.

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