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Lawrence police call second public meeting on downtown surveillance cameras

It's called the "Fourth amendment". Say what you will, but your desire to have government protect you from every concievable harm only means that we will soon have an utterly totalitarian government akin to what we suffered under the British empire until 1776, and we will all be a lot less safe.

If guns cause crime, why did the US government just purchase over 600 millions rounds of ammo? Who but us could they possibly be planning to kill?

Meanwhile, I vow to boycott all business in view of surveilance cameras.

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Lawrence man, 52, dies in FedEx plane crash near Wichita

OMG it was Brian after all. He was the best friend one could have, and perhaps also the best flight instructor, period. He'd already cheated death when he hit a flock of Canada Geese years ago in Topeka. If anyone could have survived this, it would have been Brian.

He turned me on to Ernest Gann "Fate is the Hunter". I always assumed one day Brian would stop flying, by choice, and not by fate. This hurts, really badly.


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Lawrence man, 52, dies in FedEx plane crash near Wichita

Whew! I remembered his tail number incorrectly, and it is still registered, so it's not him. Still, I always hate to see things like this. The Caravan is an easy plane to fly, so, this doesn't look like pilot error to me. :-(

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Lawrence man, 52, dies in FedEx plane crash near Wichita

I have a friend who flies for a living, whom I haven't spoken to in awhile, and who is about 52, and has lived in Lawrence for at least the last 3 decades. What's worse, the company he used to fly for got him a vanity aircraft registration number, and I see that number is now deregistered, hence, he has surely changed jobs, possibly to FedEx.

I have a very bad feeling now. I sure hope my fears are misplaced.

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Letter: Premise questioned

Please get over this "two sides" idea. The world is not flat. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Voting for evil is also evil. Voting for evil - simply because you think your favorite evil can win - is evil too. There will be about five candidates on Kansas ballots. Why not vote for one who is not evil, one who does not want more war and more civil asset forfeiture and more indefinite detention and even more militarized state and local police and fewer civil liberties, and who doesn't buy votes with your tax dollars, and one who doesn't still think we are winning the war on recreational drugs at an affordable cost. Why not vote for someone who would effect so much change for the better that both Rs and Ds were afraid to debate him? Why not vote for someone whose populatrity has grown so much that the Corporation for Presidental Debates had to change their rules to keep the threat out of the prime-time presidential debates?

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Editorial: Experience counts

The nameless author of the editorial has made some good points, but lost my support with this:

"KDOT officials noted that the number of accidents involving young drivers had been steadily declining for several years probably as a result of laws passed earlier, notably the 2007 law requiring young drivers to wear seat belts."

Really? KDOT thinks seat belts prevent accidents? Nonsense! Yes, wear them. That's not my point. My point is: laws do not prevent accidents, any more than seatbelts do. Driving defensively, and giving driving the attention it deserves prevents accidents. Quality education helps. Experience can help, but for too many, experience merely reinforces bad habits.

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Enforcement action nets 16 seat belt violations, 1 arrest

I find it very disappointing to see here how many people unquestioningly support a violent police state. America is becoming more fascist every day, just like in Nazi Germany, where most people simply went with the flow, because they were promised increased "safety".

I'm not opposed to seatbelts. I wear mine whenever my car is in motion.

What I am opposed to is a "justice system" that is funded in part or in whole by stealing from the populace at the point of a gun. A cop says you weren't wearing your seatbelt. He asks you to step out of the car. You oblige, fearing being ripped out of your car and tasered, possibly to death. Now you have no proof of innocence, hence you are guilty. It does not matter if you were wearing your seatbelt. Pay, or be incarcerated and routinely strip searched, “for your protection”.

The fourth amendment has been relegated to irrelevance, because ignorant people have allowed "probable cause" to include driving an automobile.

BTW, seatbelts do not prevent accidents. Think about that for awhile.

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Overland Park approves carrying weapons in public

My revolver has no "safety". I can leave it so that a single pull of the trigger will drop the hammer on an empty chamber, but there is no lever to prevent the firing pin from reaching the primer. Will my revolver be excluded on this basis?

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Fear tactics

Only law abiding citizens obey gun laws.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Kasold to be fully open by Wed.; Budding business hopes to teach people how to live green; new master plan includes millions for Lawrence airport; parachutists vs. pilots

The problem with big commercial airliners is not so much the length of the longer runway (15/33), but rather the thickness and strength of the concrete. The big airliners weigh too much, and their landings would dramatically shorten the life of our Lawrence Runways.

The problem with Mr. McCauley is not so much parachuting per se, though the additional operations he would bring to the airport would all occur on weekends, such as race weekends and KU sports weekends, when traffic is already very high.

Another problem is that once skydivers are in the air, they pretty much own the sky. If LifeFlight helicopters gets a dispatch during that time, they must wait until the canopies are on the ground before they leave the ground. No big deal? Yeah, if you aren’t the wounded car accident victim who might DIE due to the delay. Active skydiving at Lawrence would probably drive LifeFlight (a valued airport tenant) away.

The real problem with Mr. McCauley is that he is trying to catch flies with hydrofluoric acid, instead of honey.

You can fix ignorance. You cannot fix stupid, and I don’t think you can fix persistent blatant open hostility either. Mr. McCauley seems to have come here to start a war, and not to promote safe skydiving.

Starting a new business in Lawrence is difficult. Educating government types about risks and rewards is sometimes difficult, and often frustrating. But trying to do that by means of harassment, insults, and lawsuits against government officials, well… Mr. McCauley is simply not welcome in Lawrence, and never will be, unless he has a sea-change of heart.

I hope he finds a better way.

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