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Letter: Safety concern

I'd like to know why Tina thinks that speed has something to do with this alleged malfeasance. She says "I have watched high school kids"..."drive their cars around the parking lot as if it were a grand prix race track".

Really? Has she ever been to a grand prix race? Formula one? I would submit that you will not ever see ANY jeeps competing in such a race.

She went on to write "I witnessed a Cherokee Jeep drive at full speed ". Really? And just how much is "full speed"? I would presume these vehicles are easily capable of 100+mph. I'm also thinking that it would take a Jeep about 16-25 seconds to reach that speed, in a straight line, by which time it would have traversed the order of a quarter of a mile or more. I could be wrong but I don't think Quail Run Elementary School's parking lot or schoolyard or playground is anywhere near that size. Is she willing to testify under oath to all of this? Does she now have a bit of a credibility problem?

I am not condoning adolescent drinking nor drug abuse nor property destruction nor risky behavior. Neither do I condone exaggerating and making false or irrelevant accusations. Tina should focus on her real concerns, and leave speed (which she is no doubt patently unqualified to estimate) out of her complaint.

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Pair of traffic calming projects — including a blue light at traffic signals — set for city

The whole concept of traffic calming is hopelessly flawed. It's basis is the assumption that drivers are enraged because their governments are not tyrannical enough, and only ever-increasing governmental control will calm the enraged motorists. This absurdity is an outgrowth of the 70+ year-old mantra of "speed kills", even though that notion is also patently false. Traffic calming increases road rage, decreases respect for absurd governmental controls, and increases the costs of road and vehicle maintenance.

A comprehensive study commissioned by the ITE and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on traffic calming projects in the United States concludes:

"Traffic calming in the U.S. is largely restricted to low volume residential streets. Collisions occur infrequently on such streets to begin with, and any systematic change in collision rates tends to get lost in the random variation from year to year. This limits our confidence in drawing inferences about safety impacts of traffic calming."

For more information:

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Pair of traffic calming projects — including a blue light at traffic signals — set for city

Actually, KSA Article 15, 8-1508,Traffic-control signal legend, is unconstitutionally vague on that subject. It actually says "(b) Steady yellow indication. (1) Vehicular traffic facing a steady circular yellow or yellow arrow signal is thereby warned that the related green movement is being terminated or that a red indication will be exhibited immediately thereafter when vehicular traffic shall not enter the intersection." According to the National Motorists Association, most states allow you to legally enter the intersection on a yellow, since not allowing such would be tantamount to not having a yellow, and would cause many many collisions. Imagine if every driver who ever saw a yellow light while still in motion would slam on their anti-lock brakes? Utter chaos. The Lawrence city government would love it, right up until everyone either moved out of town or lost their licenses.

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Behind the Lens: ‘Chimping’ a photography faux pas

Tell me, Nick, does "chimping" make a distinction between those who refer to the LCD for gratification, versus those of us being paid to perform a service verifying whether or not our most recent shot meets the business objectives, before dismissing said subject back to his or her seat?

I shoot graduation exercises. I get each and every graduate with the person handing out diplomas or certificates or whatever.

It's a waste of everyone's time and resources to take multiple backup shots, just as it is a waste of time to not take another shot when any of a myriad of things may have gone wrong.

Fashion faux pas or not, I'm going to check my LCD display, not for gratification, but for being competent. If it's not OK, I take another shot while the subject is still there.

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City set to finalize curbside recycling program to begin October 2014; monthly rate $2.81

Fascism run amuck. Mala Prohibita. Oh, exhalted City Commissioners, please protect the masses from private entrepreneurs who would dare to pickup our recyclable items at our curb. Never mind that the city said twelve years ago that our landfill would last 150 years, and that curbisde recycling would cost $50 a month. When private industry came in, first at $20 a month, then at $5 a month, the commissioner squawked "How dare they make liars out of us?", and so this is their response: Put those evil businesses out of business! Eliminate choice! Control the subjects! One size must be made to fit all, no matter the consequences!

Seig Heil!, I mean, hail victory! Big government at its worst, right here in River City.

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Letter: Disarming

Like firearms, automobiles are inanimate objects. Some people exercise a total lack of good judgment with their motor vehicles and, unfortunately, some people are killed – indeed, some are even murdered.

Should we now adopt waiting periods, background checks, insanely higher fuel taxes, automobile-free zones, bans on automobiles with more than four cylinders, bans ion high-capacity fuel tanks, bans on wider doors that permit faster loading of passengers, bans on red motor vehicles, bans on busses with high-capacity seating, bans on semi-automatic transmissions, bans on batwings, bans on fuel injection, etc. because some people do not always exercise good judgment with their inanimate objects (motor vehicles)?

Should we ban ownership of motor vehicles altogether because such is not constitutionally protected? If not, why not?

If you say that we should not ban motor vehicles because it is the irresponsible use of motor vehicles that is the problem, and not the mere possession of motor vehicles, then you simply need to apply the same rational thinking to firearms.

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Editorial: Guns on campus

Separating the fact from the emption is key to addressing this issue in a constructive manner.

Bad people with guns do bad things. Bad people get guns because they are bad people, and they do not obey gun laws, or laws about gun-free zones, or laws against murder, etc. Once a bad person begins doing something bad with a gun, the only effective way to stop the bad person is by a good person with a gun.

Taking all the guns away from good people (who do nothing bad with their guns) will only make it all the harder to stop bad people from continuing to do bad things with guns.

Furthermore, putting the Newtown tragedy in perspective, you are statistically about 160 times more likely to be shot by a cop than to be shot by anyone in a school setting. Should we disarm cops? Given the alarming frequency with which they have begun warrantless (SWAT) storm-troop nighttime raids on the wrong houses, with fatal results, I think so.

Every year, in the United States, far more young children are killed by drowning in swimming pools than by firearms violence, yet nobody has yet called for a ban on so-called assault-swimming pools. In December 2012, the drones over middle-east nations killed more innocent young children than in any mass school shooting ever. Nobody seems concerned that president Obama is a homicidal maniac – even though the statistics show that he must be exactly that. I call this the arrogance of selective indignation.

The second amendment is not about hunting, and not about self defense. The second amendment is about the right to overthrow a corrupt tyrannical government. History has shown many times (Hitler, late 1930s) that governments become corrupt and tyrannical right after they implement sweeping gun control legislation.

Somehow that does not fit my idea of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Largest wind farm in Kansas to begin operation soon

If Wind power was really the cure for everything energy related, the electric utilities would convert all their plants to wind, not just those forced on it by ignorant arrogant tree-hugging politicians.

Recall that those same ignorant short-sighted politicians forced the utilities to switch to coal back in the 1970s, because there was a perceived looming natural gas shortage.

Wind power is not inherently evil, though it is fraught with many disadvantages.

Perhaps chief among those disadvantages is that wind power only works when the wind blows. When does the wind blow? Ask anyone who flies an airplane: the wind blows most often late in the afternoon. When is peak electrical consumption? Ask anyone who works for an electric utility and they will tell you there are two electrical demand peaks: one in the early morning, when the wind rarely blows, and another larger peak in the evening, as the winds are dying down.

So there is the rub. The wind mostly only blows when demand is fully met by baseline generating plants. So making electricity with wind costs the electric utility a lot more than it is worth to the utility. You bet your rates are going up. I can’t blame the utility for the shortsightedness of tree-huggers.

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Poll: More say global warming is occurring

The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it. A falsehood is false even if everyone believes it. Real scientists don't rely on polls of self-proclaimed scientists, to come to conclusions about the forces of nature and the physics of life. The world has been warmer than it is now. If the internal combustion engine is really the one and only devil, how could the earth have ever cooled to where we are now, which evidently occurred prior to the internal combustion engine?

Do we really have inexhaustible resources to throw at possible global warming, while the world is busy killing itself off in wars, and bailing bankers out ad infinitum, and paying ever more in taxes to our greedy politicians? No. Financial discipline must be learned, and learned very quickly, or the real impending calamity will be the implosion of what little freedom we have left, and a very bloody revolution.

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