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Aviation board proposes guidelines for skydiving at Lawrence airport

I could throw gasoline on the fire by sharing some ancient history, but I see no constructive purpose. I'm disappointed that the city has apparently removed the current airport minimum standards from the Lawrence city website. The newest (draft) copy I have (2004) does not address skydiving. While my memory is unreliable, I thought I remembered that skydiving and ultralight operations were addressed in the airport minimum standards in whose development I participated many years ago. With nothing reliable to compare to, it is hard to tell what changes are proposed. Without access to the rationale behind the proposed airport minimum standards, it seems imprudent to take a position.

I believe airport minimum standards should address all types of aviation activities. I believe a set of procedures to coordinate emergency medical flights with skydiving is prudent.

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Drawing Attention: Kris Kobach doesn't want you to know what he's doing

One problem with both Republicans and Democrats is that neither will acknowledge their hypocrisy when it comes to supporting only their own partisan opacity and tyranny, while bemoaning same from the other side. I'm opposed to tyranny and opacity - period.

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Kansas law doesn't address children's access to firearms

Spin the data any way you like, but let's ban child access to bathtubs first. Check the data:

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A new cafe with a competitive twist in west Lawrence; an international airport 20 minutes from downtown Lawrence?

I have mixed feelings. Ordinarily, I am for any new airport anywhere, since airports have been disappearing in the USA at an unsustainable rate for decades. New jobs would be welcome, but we would lose some too.

OTOH... I don't relish the idea if our Lawrence Municipal being under class B airspace. That would adversely affect flight training at Lawrence. The new airport would surely draw some of the bizjet traffic away from Lawrence, adversely affecting fuel flowage revenue. I also don't relish the increased noise of heavy jets we'd surely hear here in Lawrence, departing from an airport where SFAAP used to be.

I personally refuse to go near an airport that is infected by the unconstitutional, intrusive, obnoxious, expensive, and incompetent Transportation Security Administration, and that goes double for getting on any airliner that has 19 or more seats. So, personally I think I'd rather they build their new airport somewhere ELSE.

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More details on gun range planned near Douglas County Jail; Lawrence to get national press as retirement destination

Modern: Think Modular, easily customizable, easy to add accessories, possibly by Picatinny rail. See
Renting brass perhaps, though the projectile is the most expensive component.

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More details on gun range planned near Douglas County Jail; Lawrence to get national press as retirement destination

A friend of mine wondered how Steve Robson would rent ammunition. Maybe he does NOT plan on renting assault rifles. I hope the confusion is just careless phrasing in the report. I would like to rent a modern sporting rifle - somewhere it is safe to actually fire one.

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WOW outage problems traced to conduit infiltration at bridge; customers to be offered refunds for service disruption

My uneducated guess is that reporters for the LJWorld do not adhere to the old rule about confirming facts before publishing, and are willing to rely on single sources. I can't believe that I was the only customer with no dial tone for about 40 minutes on SUNDAY. Internet was out for much longer, but it is amusing that someone would tell me my phone service was not interrupted, when it most certainly was.

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Lawrence orders shutdown of Community Building gun range

If guns cause crime, and the law is sacred, then I conclude that we also need to have all city and county employees (including police) at the law enforcement center leave their firearms a safe (1,000 feet should do) distance from schools. ...Unless you seriously believe that police and government employees are not persons, or that they do not have to obey laws. That might be the case, since many people believe that some people are more equal than others.

If some of you have a problem with disarming police, then perhaps it would be easier to simply tear down the offending schools.

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Lawrence airport undergoing safety study for skydiving

OK Mr Bundie, persist in misspelling my name however you like then, even after I have drawn your attention to it. Ignore my questions. Declare victory. Be welcoming, at least as long as nobody offers any differing viewpoints, or asks questions. I guess you don't need anyone's help or support after all. You've got everything all figured out. It must be nice, although for someone who has everything figured out, and professes to be so welcoming, you sure do seem to do a lot of complaining and alienating.

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Lawrence airport undergoing safety study for skydiving

Mr Bundy: how about you help us get the airport Advisory Board to comply with the safety study performed by the FAA years ago and simply grant a skydiving enthusiast the opportunity to jump?
Mr Liddel: what makes you think I have any pull at all with anyone at the city or on the Aviation Advisory board? Despite being a former board member, I don’t . I’m a “has been”, and apparently the city wants to keep it that way. So, I guess my objections to your proposition would be that I see no point in bloodying my head head against a brick wall, with no potential payoff.
Mr Bundy: I note in your comments above you said safety was never the issue. Safety is the only relevant legal issue when a skydiving enthusiast asks for permission to make a jump into the airport.
Mr Liddel: I never said safety isn’t an issue. I said it was never seriously discussed, i.e. as a basis for refusal of the proposal made by the previously discussed bully.
Assuming your pretense is correct, that safety is not an issue, then the key to your success lies not in arguing about safety, or threatening lawsuits, or insulting respondents on forums, but rather addressing whatever else is bothering the city about your proposals. The safety blather, (assuming it is as you assert, just blather) may be a red herring. You may not even know what is really bothering the city. Heck, the city may not know. Until now, all both sides have done is argue. Until that changes, nothing will change. It’s your move. Choose wisely. Knowledge is power. Remember, I’m not the one you have to convince, which is good for you, because you got off to a pretty rocky start. I’m just a casually interested bystander, watching people on both sides, arguing for the sake of arguing, accomplishing nothing.

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