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Moore's office receives threats; Congressman not having town hall meetings

Violence? At these town hall meeting? Prove it. Link one reputable source that cites violence at one of these meetings besides SEIU members beating up civilians.

On the other hand, if you want to see real violence, contact ELF or hold a G8 summit in your local community. For the first time in a long time, the right is coming together to voice it's opinion and the left is scared.

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Extreme view

supertrampofkansas,Without much time to devote to research I did find this:Small business revenue:The average annual revenue of a small business is $3.6 million The average annual revenue of a small business with a website is $5.03 million Source: IDC, "Web Site Development in U.S. Small Businesses" 2004 From this site: would lead one to at least infer that "most" of the small businesses have at least the 250k/yr revenue that would fall under the "rich" catagory as put forth my Mr. Obama.

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Extreme view

"supertrampofkansas (Anonymous) says: Brent,Your whole argument about the tax cut on on the lower income tax brackets is incorrect. As noted above, your point has been refuted. Your complaint should start at the $250,000 income level. Please tell us how much eliminating the tax cuts will hurt the $250,000 or higher income indiviuals or familiesI believe the word is NEXT!"I believe the stat I heard the other day was something approaching 80% of all small businesses file their business taxes through their personal income taxes. Can someone confirm or deny this? If this is the case, this seems incredibly damaging to small businesses, most of which probably make over $250,000.

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Bird droppings foul KU garage parking spots

coltrane (Anonymous) says: it's all Hemengway's fault right?Gee...I thought it was all Bush's fault!Sounds like the city needs some official Red Ryder carbine action range model air rifles...with a compass in the stock of course!

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Frightening pick

I love it how everyone always says "we need someone in office that knows what it means to be an average person, that is in touch with the people and knows the trials they go through." Then you get her and you'd rather have Biden a career poliitican of 35+ years that would as soon lie to you as look at your peasant arse!

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Obama raps McCain for ignorance of homes

Why is it that McCain makes this boneheaded statement and he's senile, but Obama claims to have visited every one of the 57 states and nobody is even aware that he said it? Media bias?

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Beyond diplomacy, should the United States get involved in the Russia- Georgia conflict?

I think 18 or 20 UN resolutions are in order. They work. Don't they?

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The extra price of owning your home

unelectable (Anonymous) says: Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit unnatural for the house value to go up 87% in 10 years? Are you kidding me! What else has gone up in value that much in that length of time?This is because for years everyone screamed at the banks to open up the mortgage market to make it easier for everyone to afford to buy a home. They did just that and America went on a home buying/building spree. It became too easy to get a home and even easier to get a bigger one. People over bought, driving the prices up. When people couldn't afford that $200,000 house on their 35k/yr income, the banks started offering the ARMs. People quickly learned the couldn't afford it and VOILA!! Here we are. No one wants starter homes anymore. No one has the common sense to realize they can't own a house that is worth 5 or 10 times their annual income. People got greedy. What you are witnessing now is a market correction. The government needs to sit this one out. Let things balance out on their own.I saw a program on tv the other day where a family was bemoaning their situation and fearful of bankruptcy. They had purchased a $200,000 house on a combined income of $40k!!!!!!!!!!!! You can blame the lender all you want, but it doesn't take CPA to figure this one out folks. They had no business buying this house. I felt badly for them, but they brought it on themselves as so many have. We need to have compassion for these people that are in trouble, but bailing them out will only continue the madness.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

LawrenceRules (Anonymous) says: F'ing hilarious, a bunch of cops get free tickets to stand in the middle of a bunch of stinky, burnout dopers and listen to crappy music that only makes sense if your high. I think the cops would go for it. Brilliant idea Blessed, f'ing brilliant.Lighten up, dude. All I'm telling you is how they help to alleviate security costs at the stampede. I never said this would work at the Wak!! Take a chill pill and quit being so offensive. Many of the security personnel at the stampede are paid but some accept tickets for their family or themselves as payment. The Wak could hire their own security (for money if they like) just like the stampede. My point is that the Wak people want to complain that they are getting shafted and yet they seem to do none of the things to help reduced some of the costs that the Stampede promoters do.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

The important security fact that is left out of this story is that most of the security at the stampeded is provided by the stampede organizers. My sister and brother (both in law enforcement) have worked at this event for several years, in their case their payment was tickets to the event. Many of their co-workers do the same. In fact, many of the local police officers take vacation during that time just so they can work security at the event. The story itself states that the local law enforcement agencies only provide 20-25 officers per day. Many times that number of security personnel are present, however, with the extra being provided by the organizers. Does the Wak do this? I have not heard that they provide any of their own security, instead relying totally on the police department. So the numbers listed above in the article regarding security are highly skewed and very misleading.

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