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June skews this summer's numbers a bit

There was a summer 4 or 5 years back that was unseasonably cool. I remember it well, because we bought a family pool pass and then it was too cool to go to the pool for most of the summer.

...yeah, I'm a tight wad and it'd ticked me off!

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LiveWell Lawrence starts spreading word about healthy habits

This is how to handle the obesity issue, not raising taxes on "junk food". Obama, are you paying attention?

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Have you taken advantage of this relatively mild August weather?

"honeychild (Mel Briscoe) says…

all that jibber jabber sounded political'ish to me, b3x. on the topic of “have you been enjoying this nice weather?” i would think that the answers would be simplistic and succinct. anything more than an “uh huh….. nice outside lately” is too much. "

No offense, Mel, but you must be new to the forums. Simplistic and succinct answers don't exist here. Every comment is laced with the political and moral leanings of each poster. In the case of Merill's cut and pastes, "laced" might be an understatement!

...but if it makes you feel better...

We've taken the opportunity during these cooler temperatures to get some extra yard work done.

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Have you taken advantage of this relatively mild August weather?

"honeychild (Mel Briscoe) says…

damn, after reading through some of the comments on here, it makes me shake my head. why do some folks have to put a political slant on everything. including a thread about weather. geez laweez. "

...other than the discussion over which type of goat is acceptable within city limits, at what point did people get political prior to your post, Mel?

Overreact much?

That being said, if this is global warming, sign me up! Way to go Big Al! Better make some more private jet flights around the world to talk about how we all need to cut back on our fossil fuel consumption!

There, now you can overreact!

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City discusses consultant costs, hiring process

Would you go to a car dealer and agree to buy a car for $10,000 and then the dealer hits you with $1000 because they put the wrong tires on, $500 for delivery because they sent the new car to the wrong dealer and $1500 for new paint because they guys in the shop scratched it?

This happens all the time in the engineering world. Municipalities and DOT's will take the lowest bid and then the project is delayed/put in jeopardy because of poor engineering practices. Do you pick the contractor to put the new roof on your house because he had the lowest bid or because he came with great references and you know you can work with him?

I understand that it seems like cities put the cart in front of the horse in these situations, but doing the opposite can and does lead to even bigger problems.

This is why many times the client will advertise for RFQ's (Request For Qualifications) and not RFP's (Request For Proposal). The job may by dynamic and the scope may be apt to change. Shoot, many times the municipality simply doesn't have a handle on exactly what they need done. They have a vague idea, but until the consultant is onboard they may not fully understand the extents of the project and what improvements will be required. The city needs to know that they have a consultant onboard that can handle all aspects of the project, even the unforeseen ones. Picking a consultant by price alone, is a big mistake and in many cases coming up with a firm price is simply not possible.

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City discusses consultant costs, hiring process

In defense of the city, I would just add that many times city commissions are too easily swayed by the "lowest price". Too often the "lowest price" gets you shoddy work that needs to be ammended with supplemental contracts and adds.

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Tax on junk food may not result in improved health

Unbelievable. When will the government's intrusion into our lives stop? This administration just gets more ridiculous every day.

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I fail to see why the choicest "clunkers" couldn't have been resold at a deep discount to people that needed them. The government would have earned some of this money back and some needy person/family would have a decent vehicle. What a waste that thousands of perfectly good cars are going to be crushed.

I also fear that the people that took advantage of this program were going to buy a new vehicle in the near future anyway and all this did was speed up their purchase. What will the next 6 months bring in car sales?

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August one of wettest on record

With the exception of a couple of weeks in June, this has been a very pleasant and cool summer. Nice departure from our typical summers.

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Moral duty

"We need the same sort of restructuring of health care that led to the creation of Medicare and Social Security."

Geez, I didn't even have to try to provide proof of the governments complete inability to properly manage any social service, Mr. Martin did it for me. Thanks, Rog!

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