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Kentucky makes mockery of student-athlete hype

What a load of horse manure you managed to cobble together in your expose of Calipari and Kentucky Basketball. A little research & you would have found that Calipari does not favor the "one and done" scenario,& strongly encourages his players to complete their degrees,just not at the expense of their careers.
It's interesting reading recruiting reports on elite players being recruited by Kentucky, who are also being by other major programs, such as Kansas, do you suppose Kansas would not have signed Wall, Knight, Davis, or Teague if they could have? They would have welcomed any or all of them with open arms. And like UK fans they would have regretted their loss to the NBA after only one year. Can you imagine UK would be like this year if they had all of Calipari's recuits back?
Somehow you think you have made a telling point by accusing Calipari of desiring to have a winning team. Isn't every coach supposed to desire to have a winning record? Wasn't that an aim of Phog Allen, and isn't it the aim of Bill Self?
And you cite as your guru to morality in collegiate basketball Bob Knight! Who you characterize as " one of the nation’s most outstanding college basketball coaches and a coach who stressed the true student-athlete philosophy..." Bob Knight noted for choking players, attacking them in the locker room, a man who is out of coaching because of his physical and mental abuse of his players.
Where did you get the idea that our universities did not exist for the purpose of promoting the economic success of its students?. Surely you know the basis for founding the Land Grant colleges? Their charters require scientific agriculture, engineering and mining, and military training . UK is such a school, and so is KU. They were not founded as ivory towers of academe, but as dirt under your nails, mud on your boots schools of practical education in nation building.
We don't condemn the college student who is a computer phenom and drops out to start up his own company or lands a good job. We applaud them & they go on the mailing list for the building fund. And the same applies to anyother student who can make a successful jump before graduation. We don't tell them to put off success until they have their degree,... unless that degree is part and parcel with achieving that success. Why pick on an athlete, who has a limited window to use their talents. If they are in that small select group that can get a guaranteed rookie contract by entering the draft, why gamble with that financial success by staying in college? If you want the story to prove the value of making the jump look up the career of Dajuan Wagner who played for Cal at Memphis. Cal insisted he go to the NBA draft, where he was drafted by the Cavaliers. Three years later his career is ended by illness, when he would have been a senior at Memphis. The difference to Wagner and his family? Around 8 million dollars.

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