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Should Lawrence public schools use advanced testing to make changes in the classroom?

Wow 1:00 and only 17 posts. Not a very interesting subject today. I think that they should do the tests. You don't want the kids that learn at a faster level not challenged enough and the kids that are slower flunking because they just don't get it. Anyway bye for the weekend I am getting out of town. Have fun

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Should landlords have the right to refuse unmarried couples as tenants?

That women is a nutcase. She may have the right to choose not to rent to them, but I think that she needs to be locked up. They should put her next to Leroy Hendricks.

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How should parents keep their kids busy while school is out?

Amen tell_it_like_it_is. Don't most of you remember what it was like being a kid. Yes I do think that playing outside and getting excercise is important. That kids shouldn't spend the whole summer in front of the TV. But I don't think you should push them to much. Summer is a time to relax and have fun. It is when you are supposed to empty your head so you can fill it up again next year. They don't need the stress yet. They will learn the real world soon enough. Just let them have their childhood.

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What did you do for your mother on Mother's Day?

My sisters and I bought my mother flowers for her garden this year and planted them. My son (with my parents help) picked out a movie for me. The special edition of The Princess Bride.

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Do you believe supporters of intelligent design will make any progress?

I am sorry to say that at the age of 23 I do not know what I believe. It is nice to think that there is a higher being or beings watching over us and that there is a greater design. But I also like to think that we as human beings can choice our own destiny and that in future lives we can learn from our past mistakes. Which I know is off the subject , but I had to say my piece. However I think that it would be wrong for the schools to teach ID. That is up for the parents to teach there children.

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Should high schools prohibit sexually suggestive cheerleading?

To me this discussion is along the same lines as wether it is the women's fault of dressing to suggestively when she got raped. That because of the short skirt and tight shirt she was asking for it. Maybe high school cheerleaders are dancing suggestively, but come on it is and will always be good clean american fun.

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Are you bothered more by potholes or road construction zones?

I haven't posted yet today because the question was utterly stupid, but I like the question that Ceallach has brought up.
I believe that they are to lenient on some of the movie ratings. I wouldn't take my son to most the movies they put out as pg. He may not be old enough yet to understand the hidden inuendos, but he is a smart boy (and no I am not biased).

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What is your opinion of John Brown?

The south may have been fighting to protect slavery, but the north was fighting to protect the Union.

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What is your opinion of John Brown?

Yeah that is the one. Watch them or read them (books are always better), they are good except for the third movie. The books are really informative.

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What is your opinion of John Brown?

Ceallach: It is okay. Sometimes I get a little too defensive. It is the way that I am. The books I am talking about are North and South, Love and War, Heaven and Hell. They made movies of them in the late eighties and early ninties. Very good. Sorry I love to read.

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