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Ecological future

no excuses, just choices -----gnome,devo, proud engineer, angry being. you make your choices that directly impact all. don't
just ride on your way, make your mother proud, not saddened by who you have become.

let others worry and try to solve the issues consciously without "knowing all "about the budget. it was simply a nice jesture to imagine. if you are not happy with his list, cool. create your own.
being negative and combative solves a lot of world issues. so does ignorance.

perhaps you should not be so paranoid about an editorial comment. it stated nothing about ego.
Sven sure did stir the pot a bit. man did what?

go make a change with your own routine, green or not, just slow down once each day, make what you believe is a conscious decision and it will be noticed. your way. my way.

"let's relax and have a popsicle somewhere, it was a nice springday"
amen brother, amen. good to lighten it up a bit

Jack Karouac style, amen. it is a blog ie a place for fragmented thoughts by very busy people, no?

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Parkinson vetoes proposed changes to Kansas abortion laws

wow, this is a good one....I really like the people that think they know what it is like being a woman.....about to have an unwanted child as a result of rape. Are they the ones that are waiting in the adoption centers waiting to further "save the life" of that child by adopting them right away. What a nice jesture that would be. Probably not! They just think they know what is best for everyone, especially the rape victims, or the young women that don't even know that they were raped because there father or uncle told them it was okay.....come on. Get rid of the good ole' boys mentality.

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Ecological future

the "other way" has in fact been proven devo-brun. It has been proven in open minded communities across the globe for a long time. Some parts of Europe have made it mandatory to build more resourcefully. Especially commercial structures. Bravo. And guess what, companies that have gone green with thier structures, heating, cooling actually save money, waste less energy, and resources, especially water-by installing green roofs-slowing the demand on storm water processing. Did you know you can actually store and re use the water that percolates through a green roof . It takes less processing to make it drinkable, and no processing if you are going to use it for irrigating a garden or a nearby school park. ... The ones that choose no to think about it are walking along right next to you -unconscious -simply consuming and being a mass of grey matter. Wow what an awesome world we live in where you can make a choice. A choice to dis associate with them. Weird that some people are no more intelligent than the oversized tires on there vehicle. Stop passing judgement on other people because they have chosen to use their profession to impact the world for the better. Now I see why I have heard there are only a handful of eco-friendly architectural projects in Lawrence. Stop the madness-design from within.
There are people right next to you that have a right to choose one way or the other so CAN it.
The beautiful thing about the field of architecture is that the ones that don't evolve, dont evolve and the ones that do, do it well!

"Cuz when you stop dreaming it is time to die" John Popper

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Ecological future

you are right on Sven. we need to try to offset all the hot air that comes out of the close minded people's hole in the front of their head. this will actually help the world out side Lawrence...the mind is a terrible thing to is the environment.

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