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Two Lawrence police officers suspended for role in fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets

Lawrence Police Department is a joke. Classless, clueless and stupid. They try and intimidate people, make people admit they did something wrong when they didn't....basically all they do is harass people. I'm sure there are WAY more than just two officers who were involved in this. I'm also VERY positive that there are SEVERAL officers who are drunks, alcoholics and put other innocent people's lives in danger by drinking and driving. How many police do you see weaving in and out of traffic in a dangerous manner on a daily basis? I see it all the time. Not using turn signals when they switch lanes, speeding, turning out if front of people at intersections.......just a bunch of worthless punks..all of them. They are entitled, and they try and convince themselves that they know EVERYTHING about a situation that they weren't even involved in. This is great news, and solid proof that this police department is a total joke......kind of like the city government system.

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Swagger to be put to test

"Swagger"?!?!?!?!? After beating 3 top 10 teams would I buy into the fact that a team would have "swagger". BUT, when you schedule low life, below average, complete jokes like Duke and UTEP, I wouldn't get too much into talking about "swagger", because ANYONE in the nation could beat those teams. Yawn.....Jayhawk football......

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FINAL: Reesing passes for 338 yards as KU tops Duke, 44-16

Yeah....congratulations to the "mighty" J-Hawks for beating yet ANOTHER national powerhouse......DUKE??!?!?!?!?! So let me recap the first three games. They beat Sister Mary Clarence Tech in week one, Blind Deaf Mute A&M last week (at least that game was on the road) and this week another national powerhouse, Basket Weaving State. Kudos for the VERY TOUGH non-conference schedule they are playing. Truth is, college football is a JOKE. Well, compared to the ONLY realy sport on the planet, ALL other sports are a joke. Bowl games are a joke, and now that KU is halfway to bowl eligibility by beating some QUALITY opponents, maybe they'll get to a prestigious bowl like the Chik-Fil-A of about 20 bowl games that shouldn't even be in existence, given the fact that teams who hover around .500 get a chance to play in the Outback Bowl...oooohhhh....or what about the Holiday Bowl......aaahhhhhh.......or the Insight.Com Bowl.....ooooooooooo. THANK GOD IT'S HOCKEY SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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