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Lawrence Community Theatre to kick off fundraising campaign for new building on West Sixth Street

It is sad to see the theater moving. I spent many days and late nights there as a child as my parents worked on sets and costumes. Any word on what will happen to the old building?

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Two local projects awarded $30 million in bonds

Berry has invested a lot of money in their infrastructure in the last couple years. They seem pretty committed to staying in Lawrence.

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Could Mountain West merger save Big 12?

Calling MWC schools mid-major is laughable. Utah, BYU, New Mexico, San Diego State and UNLV basketball programs have been solid the last couple of seasons, with some of those teams breaking the top 25 in the last two years and making the NCAA tourney. BYU, TCU, Boise State and Utah again are solid on the football field. TCU has finished in the top 10 the last two seasons and we all are familiar with Boise's success. This is all football driven, and KU football is subpar. MWC would certainly add quality teams immediately to fill the void left by the likes of OSU, Nebraska, A&M, Tech... let's be honest, there is no one that can replace Texas and OU in terms of football.

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Our first look at realignment and what it means for the Big 12

I don't think the Big XII has much to worry about in terms of attracting great teams if Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and especially Texas leave. The elite programs in the Mountain West Conference have been moaning for years about getting their conference an automatic BCS berth. If Utah, BYU, and/or TCU are offered a spot in the Big XII, they would jump on it. More money, more publicity. The Mountain West is garbage save the three teams mentioned. TCU was ranked in the top five for football almost all of last year; Utah was ranked the entire season. In terms of basketball, Utah and BYU were ranked all of last year and are solid programs. There is no reason to think the Big XII will collapse, especially when there are great programs out there that would love to join our conference and are certainly motivated to do so.

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Tests show residents of SE Kansas town have extremely high lead levels in blood

This is a small part of a larger problem this country has letting corporations get away with malfeasance. We prosecute individuals for simple assault and send them to jail, but a collective group of people bent on making money that poisons individuals/communities is untouchable. Mmmm, love this Corporate 'Democracy'.

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Two LHS students disciplined after hoax

What bill would these students 'foot?'

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Beasley deserves some compassion

This is a column... it is supposed to be biased.

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Tiller murder suspect blasts Operation Rescue leader

What! This isn't The Onion?!?!?!

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Not so happy meal: New documentary exposes America's corporate hold on the food chain

Monsanto is one of the scariest companies out there. They sue farmers who's fields have inadvertantly picked up Monsanto seeds (and grown without the knowledge of the farmer) from other fields that have Monsanto crops growing. They are anti-farmer in my eyes and a dangerous company.

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