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Lawrence school board to decide how to make up time lost to snow; classes, activities likely to resume Thursday

Uhh, don't students score an 18 (out of a possible 36) if they spell their names correctly? I'm not sure that a 22 will get any student admitted to a private university. Let's praise mediocrity.

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’Hawks fly past Redbirds to WNIT final

Why would KU Athletics raise the price of tickets before the final? They were $6 and $5 for yesterday's game, not $10 and $8. Typical Lew, always out for a buck. Good luck ladies!

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TCU’s Patterson not KSU-bound — yet

"This kid is one of the smartest kids at freestate."'nuff said. Thank god for private schools.

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TCU’s Patterson not KSU-bound — yet

oops, that is 3 now

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TCU’s Patterson not KSU-bound — yet

Dear Freestater456,I realize that you think you are the cream of the Lawrence crop when it comes to intelligence, but anyone who is a junior in high school should be able to spell the word 'grammar' correctly (twice).Regards,Blah

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Palin blames Bush policies for GOP defeat

I completely agree, KansasVoter. Could you imagine Palin running against an incumbent Obama? I can't wait! Yeah! She is like an STD, the gift that keeps on giving hehe.

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Not the same name: Parents opting for unusual monikers for their kids

Ummm, Kook, I think maybe someone needs to explain the laws of grammar to you (and give you a quick spelling lesson).

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Crackdown fears lead to gun sales boom

Does anyone else find it scary that a 10-year-old is wondering about his "new" gun? Like he has an "old" gun...that is some responsible parenting.

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Simons: Obama a strong campaigner but an untested leader

ditto for Shewmon

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Simons: Obama a strong campaigner but an untested leader

I thought John McCain was dignified, respectful, and classy in his concession speech. I was extremely impressed by how genuine and heartfelt he came across, especially in urging his supporters to get behind Obama.It is unfortunate that those who supported McCain cannot show the same class and dignity. Yes, Mr. Simmons, you are an idiot without an iota of class.

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