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City vows action on begging problem

The panhandling downtown is not that bad. Aggressive panhandling ought to be controlled but I have hardly ever seen that downtown.

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Lawrence police identify person of interest, vehicle in Oct. 16 fatal hit-and-run


I thought someone did come out of their residence immediately on hearing the crash and called for help.

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Round Corner building awaits new restaurant

First another bakery, now yet another restaurant. I hope these new businesses do not simply cannabalize business from others that already exist downtown. I wish we would get something we do not already have.

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Lawrence police identify person of interest, vehicle in Oct. 16 fatal hit-and-run

I hope the city commission will consider finally adding some bike paths, as so many college towns have done. Lawrence needs bike paths much more than some of the expensive projects being proposed, like an ice rink or yet another rec center so the folks in west Lawrence don't have to drive 3 miles to the ones that is already there on Clinton Parkway.

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Bicyclist’s influence was felt by many

kubmg: Bike lanes, yes. We need those much more than yet another rec center or an ice rink.

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20-year-old Lawrence woman dies after apparent hit-and-run

She was friendly and kind and I will miss seeing her at Wheatfields. I am just a regular customer but even I could see there was something special about her. She was not just friendly and kind, she acted as if she recognized you personally and was genuinely glad to see you. Bless her soul.

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Bicyclist’s influence was felt by many

I will miss her smiling face at Wheatfields. She was unfailingly friendly and kind. It is a great loss. My heart goes out to her family, friends and colleagues at the restaurant.

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Public option


Without revealing too much about my employer, here is what happened.

I needed to change jobs. I could get a $10,000 raise and a first-class health insurance policy A, or take a $14,000 pay cut and get a first-class policy B. A and B had similar premiums, co-pays and coverage except for one little difference in how they define a "dependent" for purposes of covering them under my plan.

The plans are all different as to how they define a dependent. If your child is over 18, in school, not in school, living at home, not living at home, they may or may not fit the definition. It seems really arbitrary. If a dependent is not your child it gets even more complicated, and seems even more arbitrary.

The premiums, co-pays and coverage were similar in every way. So, yeah, I took a huge pay cut to get the policy that was not a better policy in any way except something in the fine print worked better for my family.

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Get the facts

In my observations, and I've been keeping a close watch on this issue, most of the opposition is based on misunderstanding or complete untruths, some of them spread deliberately by people determined to see reform fail. Let's call them what they are: lies.

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The hard left

MoveOn organizes some events themselves. They sometimes send out emails notifying people on their email list about the time and place of events they did not organize.

I do not understand how anyone can find any fault in that. They are a grass-roots organizing organization. There are hundreds of organizations like them, on both sides of the aisle. Organizing and communicating is they reason they exist.

Iran cracked down on this type of thing.

P.S. Anyone watching the news (except Fox) knows that town halls have been attended by people bussed in from other districts (by individual admission), instructed by political organization on how to behave (heckle, interrupt) and even toting guns. Methinks there is way too much protest about nothing here.

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