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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

I will concede, Lawrence, that my comment is opinion. I do feel a little singled out, though. I don't see lots of facts in the comments associated with this topic. I'm pretty comfortable with my "opinion" that more guns = more deaths from gun violence. I know this point is contested by NRA and gun supporters, but I really don't see the position that more guns = less gun violence as a logically supportable position. And the idea that one can protect one's self and one's family from others who are armed just plays into the gun lobbies agenda to proliferate guns based on fear. I see my "opinions" as logically supportable. Wanting to carry a gun comes down to 2 possible motivations in my mind. Either you want to intimidate or harm others or you are afraid someone else will try to harm you.

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

The only logic applied by the legislature was kissing up to the gun lobby. More guns on the street will mean more shootings. And more gun violence will spur more gun purchases as the climate of fear grows. This is primarily about selling more guns at the expense of human lives.

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Bill lists grounds for impeaching Kansas high court justices

This is another move by the radical right to create a climate of fear. "Attempting to usurp the Legislature's authority" can't really mean anything other than ruling any law the Legislature passes unconstitutional. But their does seem to be a flaw in Senator Holmes "clever" little plan. I would imagine the Supreme Court could just rule his terrible law unconstitutional.

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Panel rejects bill to repeal Common Core in Kansas

Wow, I though the crazy right wing had the all the votes they needed to get rid of Common Core. I'm happy to be surprised.

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Lawmaker suggests school finance case could affect judicial budget

It's the hubris of these far right legislators that fascinates me. The fact that Mr. Lunn is not the least bit self conscious about publicly threatening the Judiciary if things don't go his way is amazing. These guys think they are untouchable. They see no problem in abuse of power, no problem in ignoring laws, not the slightest concern in stepping on the rights of those who oppose them. They are trying to build a climate of fear.

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Jenkins defends senators for writing letter to Iran

I don't think it makes much sense to talk about the legal implications for the 47 Senators in sending this letter. It's not an issue that will ever play out in the courts. The betrayal here and the real danger is that we indicate to a rogue state that we are split in our resolve and strategy in dealing with any threat they may pose. The Republican congress, in it's staunch determination to stand against anything our president does or says, is not only disrespecting and insulting Obama, but now disrespecting the office of the president and the entire process by which our country conducts foreign policy. Iran and every other group with an axe to grind will see this as a new low in our nations resolve. This is the kind of move that signals weakness.

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Court threatens to block new school funding plan

This bill is about spite. This is about Brownie being upset that the courts made it impossible for him to raid the cookie jar and steal a huge chunk of education funding to help finance his big gift to the rich and powerful in the form of tax cuts. This bill is about Brownie not being able to deal with the reality that another branch of government still has some power within our state. He is working on stacking the courts with unqualified ideologues who will do his bidding, but he's not there yet. So his best option now is to destroy the foundation of any ruling that goes against his plans.

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Opinion: O’Reilly support says much about Fox

This uproar is ridiculous, the difference between Brien Williams and O'Reilly is obvious. Williams was positioned as a credible news source. I do think his misstatements undermine his credibility, but perhaps NBC's reaction was a bit extreme. O'Reilly is a blow hard who is never looked to as a trusted news source. Even his loyal viewers don't trust the accuracy of his commentary. He is an entertainer, not a news man. And for all it's posturing, Fox News has no credibility as an objective source for news. Why would we try to hold Fox or O'Reilly to a journalistic standard?

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Lobbyist confronts teacher over Brownback mention in speech

This is another example of Brownie's administration being unwilling to tolerate anything they perceive as critical or lacking in deference. Brownie's office attacking the young woman who tweeted during her high school trip to the capitol, a congressman calling KU Med's request for funding "absurd", bills and rules to silence academics from speaking to media or posting opinions on social media, moves to remove tenure for public school teachers are a few other examples of how Brownie and his crew view those who do not share their opinion. They are hostile. They want people to fear them. They want to bully all critics into silence. That's not the part that surprises me so much though. The part that surprises me is how personally they seem to take criticism. Brownie and the far right always seem so indignant and caught off guard by the idea that anyone would challenge their moral authority. They seem shocked that anyone would dare to share an idea they do not like.

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Letter: Kansas dictators?

Brownie does have some disturbingly similar behaviors to a dictator. He depends on lies and distortions to support his platform. He and his party rely on fear and prejudice to distract citizens from their primary agenda. He and his party try to silence the academic community through laws and regulations against their speech. He and his party work to dis-empower groups, such as Unions, who oppose his agenda by making laws designed to cut their sources of revenue. He and his party ignore legal rulings of other branches of government if they do not agree with the rulings. He and his party attack those who are critical of their actions through petty bureaucratic measures (My example here is the young woman who tweeted some unkind things about Brownie and his office leaned on her school principle to force an apology). He and his party either ignore or work to change rules about the appointment of judges and other state officials to ensure they can appoint officials who will support their agenda regardless of experience and qualifications. I'm sure I've missed some, but that's just off the top of my head.

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