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Letter: Don’t blame ethanol

Ethanol mandates are a big part of an overall problem with agriculture policy that's driven by politics and lobby groups. Monarch butterflies, honey bees and dozens if not hundreds, of species are being killed off in the name of short term revenue for big agriculture. Not only are other species suffering. The food we get from GMOs, pesticide infused food and hormone injected meat is killing the human population as well. You may argue that this is off topic, but I contend that insane ethanol policy will not be addressed until we dis-empower the lobby groups and adopt broad changes in agriculture policy.

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Kansas Senate advances bill voiding local gun rules

Well, I'm quite confident that in 10 years you will still think I'm wrong no matter what happens.

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Kansas Senate advances bill voiding local gun rules

Yes, it is a shame that the so called "conservatives" in Topeka have seen fit to ignore the idea of local control and self determination. It is a shame that corporate money and campaign contributions are now all that matter in Kansas politics, but the real shame is that laws like these will drive up the body count and put everyone at greater risk, all in the name of more profits for one industry. More people will die and more people will stay at home because more and more people will be carrying guns out of fear and this new law will ensure that no place is safe. Money from the gun lobby is blood money. The legislature is facilitating gun violence in exchange for money. They are, in effect, hired killers.

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Brownback signs into law bill limiting party switching


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March Madness: The KU guide to not accidentally gambling

Wow, someone was really scraping the bottom of the barrel for story ideas.

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Rhetoric heats up over KU as Senate committee approves plan that deletes some funding proposals for the school

This is win/win for the radical right in Topeka. They get to pull back a little more state funding of education to give to their wealthy donors and at the same time they get to stick it to an institution that helps teach people to think for themselves. The radical right does not want anyone intellectually equipped to realize what a scam they are pulling on the citizens of Kansas.

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Davis still exaggerating teacher layoff claims

Is that all you've got? Compared to Brownie's lies and distortions (especially around numbers), this seems like a pretty tame accusation. If Mr. Davis had said "Thousands of teaching positions eliminated", would he have been closer to an accurate statement?

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Kansas House approves allowing businesses to deny service to same-sex couples

It's a pretty thin line. If Mr. Davis has to sell his soul to get elected, he will not make a good leader anyway. It reminds me of our President's stance on gay marriage. The President insisted for years he was against gay marriage until it finally became a political liability to try to defend that position. We need to make clear to Mr. Davis that if he is unwilling to take a stand when it really counts, then he's part of the problem and not the solution. I'm just as tired of liberals who pander to the radical right on matters as I am of "conservatives" who pander to the radical right. It's time to stop letting bigots and hate mongers set our policy.

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Kansas House approves allowing businesses to deny service to same-sex couples

I'm not trying to minimize this issue. It's an awful, hateful, bigoted act on the part of the Kansas House. It's wrong and horrible and is of huge impact to our state. But what's behind this insidiously stupid action? I say this is primarily a distraction. The real point here is to take our minds off of the tax cuts for the rich and the continued policies of cutting funding for the poor and effectively raising taxes on the poor and middle class while giving all the money to the rich and corporations. The House is trying to be so crude and stupid with this action so we will forget that they are stealing all the money. That's the only reasonable explanation. (Perhaps "reasonable" is not the right word). I point this out, not to make light of the issue, nor to discourage those who would speak against it. I just think the idiots in the State House are not motivated here by conviction (maybe a few are genuinely stupid enough to believe homophobia is a matter of principle). Most of these far right cronies of Brownie are towing the party line even though they realize they are marginalizing a whole class of people for no morally defensible reason. I think that somehow makes it all the more evil.

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Proposal to impose drug screening on school districts raises concerns

This is just part of the radical right's war on public schools. They are trying to discourage skilled teachers from choosing this profession. This goes hand in hand with attempts to limit teacher's union bargaining power and funding cuts to the schools. Brownie and his good old boys want to take every opportunity to dehumanize and discourage teachers so that can make public schools as bad as possible. Then they can argue that private schools are the only reasonable alternative.

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