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This location is great. The service is timely and friendly and the food is always the way it is supposed to be. However, the Iowa location deserves 1 star. It appears to be run by immature teens who don't know or care to know what customer service is.

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Kansas SRS increases efforts to fight fraud

Why don't they hire two licensed social workers at $35,000 each. I bet that would still be less than they are going to pay this attorney. The social workers would have better insight on how to recognize the fraud in the first place. Maybe they could employ two of the SRS workers that will soon be out of a job in October.

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I used to be a big fan of Bambino's lunch buffet when they were located on Mass St. I was glad when I heard that they had a Sunday brunch buffet also. I told my children how great Bambino's was and how nice the owner was. We went on a Sunday morning for the buffet. It was late mid-morning but I figured since it was advertised as a "Brunch buffet" we would be okay.I even asked if we still had time to have the brunch buffet because it was around 11. We were told yes. First of all it took us forever to get seated. Then the buffet was picked over and the food was cold. When I inquired if the buffet would be replenished the staff person acted irritated that I had bothered him and said he would go ask the cook if he was going to cook anything else for the buffet. After waiting for quite some time I realized that my family was the only customers who were eating the brunch buffet and customers were coming in to order lunch. I guess since we were the only family eating the brunch buffet we weren't important enough for them to care about the quality of food and the service we were getting. I asked again about the buffet, particularly bacon and biscuts/ gravy. I asked to speak to the owner. Finally someone in a dirty apron (I assume the cook) came out and put more biscuts and gravy out, placing the lid of the warming pan on the FLOOR and then slammed it back on the tray where food was. The owner finally came out and we asked again for bacon. About 15 minutes later the server came out to our table with a plate of about 15 pieces of bacon and said here you guys can just have the whole plate. This was offensive, but we did take the bacon because we had barely eaten anything. The owner gave us $2.00 off each meal which was nice but she acted like we were being unreasonable. Don't advertise a brunch buffet if you are going to be too cheap to keep it stocked until it is over. If they had told us that they don't keep the buffet fully stocked if it is close to lunch time we would have gone elsewhere. Needless to say we will not go back to Bambino's. The only reason why we went is because our favorite breakfast spot, First Watch, had closed down. It's been about 6 weeks since our bad experience at Bambino's and I've lost about 10 lbs since. LOL. First Watch opens back up this weekend! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Former manager of KU athletics ticket office Kassie Liebsch sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

She may not have been the mastermind but she knew what she was doing. She is not a little girl. She is an adult with a collee degree who had a professional job! She STOLE a LARGE amount of money from the University that employed her. I do not beleve that she thought it was all "job perks..come on. Are you sure her blonde hair and blue eyes are not swaying you to feel sorry for her? She may be a sacrificial lamb, but had she not committed a CRIME she would not have been in the position to be made an example of!!!

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Black Violin mixes classical music with modern hip-hop sensibilities

I plan on seeing them at the Lied Center Wednesday.

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Lawrence woman reports thousands in cash stolen

Lawrence woman reports thousands in cash stolen- From the title I was thinking it would actually be thousands. $2,450- Did that really constitute the usage of the word 'thousands'?

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