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Do you have a favorite restaurant in Lawrence?

I Love Set'em Up Jacks. But I would be happy to go to Mad Greek anytime.

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Supreme Court justices signal deep trouble for health care law

Supreme Court's justices are hinting that they might strike down ACA entirely because declaring the individual mandate unconstitutional which I do not think they will do. After hearing what they stated and what was said I feel they were just asking the right questions to understand what every one was debating. We will just have to wait until June.

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Anti-abortion group opposes KU Medical Center efforts to change bill

I agree with you totally. This has gone way to far. No ones has the right to take away your rights and this group is trying to do just that. Just wait until they start losing theirs.

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Drug testing for Kansas welfare recipients proposed

The only thing I have to ask is did you have to pay for your test for employment? I never did the company paid for them. What they are asking is for those on welfare to pay for the test which really isn't right. If the state wants them to have it they should pay for it and if the person fails then remove them from welfare. But I still thank this is a waste of money.

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Proposed ban on abortion introduced in Kansas House

I agree with you jhawkinsf concerning talking but this personhood thing is just wrong!!

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Speaking in Osawatomie, Obama sees 'make or break' time for middle class

I love what you said here, You are totally right on all counts. Good job.

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Teen tweeter won't apologize to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

I am very proud of Ms. Sullivan for standing up for freedom of speech do not back down. We do not live in a Dictator state Brownback needs to be recalled. I hope they read this one.

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Parade a new event at annual EudoraFest

It is going to be on October 1, 2011 not the 3rd.

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Kansas reforming some welfare rules

Crazyks I am very proud of you. Everything you said was correct I just do not understand people who can be so judgemental when it comes to others. I hope they never have to go get help but sometimes I wish everyone should walk in another shoes just to see how hard it really can be maybe they will rethink their statements. It never hurts to wish anyway. Thanks for you post it was right on.

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Kansas Republican Legislators report on what they learned at ALEC

Recall them all they belong to the KOCH BROTHERS!!! ALEC is backed by them. They are all showing their true colors now. It is time to wake up people to what is going on in this State and Country before it is to late.

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