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Poor Boy Burrito hopes to wrap up mobile breakfast burrito market; Zaxby's chicken chain confirms it is coming to Lawrence

I am sorry to say Poor Boy Burrito Company is not using the Douglas County Kitchen at this time. He is getting his paperwork done and might be able to in the near future. Yes, he will need to have a license to use the Kitchen in building #21. This kitchen is not used to run a business out of it. the people who use it makes items to sell at other locations. Like Farmer market, stores etc... If you want any information you can call Susan Johnson at the Extension Office at 785-843-7058 or myself at Douglas County Reservations 785-832-5296. I do hope this will answer any questions you might have. Mary Alexander

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Proposal for downtown grocery store at former Borders site emerges again

I live in East Lawrence, and I would love to have a grocery store in that location.

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Homeless shelter's dog biscuit business closes after loss of funding; report cuts costs of police HQ building by $5M; city loses grant money for trail project

Yes, I would love to see this Dog Biscuits continuing. They were really great. How do we get Kickstarter involved?

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Roberts signs Obamacare repeal pledge

Another reason not to vote fore him.

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Soda shop with 1,100 varieties plans to open on Massachusetts Street

WOW!! Matt this all sounds wonderful. Can't wait until you open to give it a try. Thank you for bring this to Lawrence.

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Breakfast restaurant The Big Biscuit to open near Sixth and Wakarusa; Spangles closes its lone Lawrence location

Keep writing the way you do Chad, I really love to read it. It makes my day.

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East Lawrence's Sunrise Garden Center set to close doors; Lawrence home building up nearly 30 percent for year

Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year Chad and your family. I will be looking forward to reading Town Talk in the new year. Be safe and well. Mary Alexander

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

It is time to get these people out. They are just doing what the Koch want they are not intersted in help people in Kansas.

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Fiery debate over expansion of concealed carry, assertion of state gun rights as Kansas House advances bills

jjt, yes you will be able to use your sign. If it is posted a ccw person will not bring their gun into the restaurant. That is the law. If someone does bring a gun into a restaurant with a sign and something happens it will be the person with the gun that will be jailed and will be held responsable etc... You will find most people who has a CCW will not break the law. I can said this because I am a holder of a CCW and I follow the law.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

They take him off the ballot and I will write his name in. It will not stop me from voting for Obama. Tha is the way I roll.

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