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Do you support the proposal to cut state employee pay by 7.5 percent?

My sister is poor like I said and she does have a cell phone instead of a land line, no cable, internet, and uses as little electricity, heat, and water as she can. She has always been the most frugal one in our family. The state employees are the one taking the cuts, not our politicians, as it should be.

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Have you ever purchased a coat or sweater for a pet to keep it warm?

My cat already has her own fur coat, why would she need anything more?

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Do you support the proposal to cut state employee pay by 7.5 percent?

Not the State employees, but definitely the politicians because their pay is too much. My sister is a poor state employee and has to work another job just to pay her bills.

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Do you watch any award shows on TV?

Just the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

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25 years ago: Cornucopia Restaurant closes

I still miss Cornucopia!

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Have you ever played pinball?


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What was the best movie you saw in 2010?

Winter's Bone

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Have you ever inherited a quilt or had anyone in your family make you one?

My grandmother made me one when I was growing up. I keep it in storage now because of the sentimental value associated with it.

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Lawrence's Christmas Eve weather forecast calls for snow, but drizzle may arrive first

Snow, yes! Freezing rain, no! I definitely don't want a repeat of last year where it played havoc with Christmas travel plans.

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What is your favorite local pizza place?

It was Gabriel's! I even had a frisbee from there with the cute little angels, although they looked more like cupids to me : )

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