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Retirement benefits

SS was self funded, where is the money? It went into the General Fund of the USA, it is about time that money was returned, if it was there would not be a short fall. The Tax cuts by the GOP have been paid partly by these diverted funds “We the people” have paid into the SS fund over the years. Taxes must be part of the equation, to say otherwise, well, who is being led around by the nose.

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Art history

The Arts have always been supported by the state and the church. The few private "patrons" were usually working for the state (royal/ government leaders) or the church. Later private patrons only made up for a small amount of the support that the arts received. Read your history.

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History lessons

It is very, very sad that you do not understand or know American history. FDR's economic rebuild of America was prior to WWII. Individuals yes, but the goals to rebuild a nation must be a priority, not a political goal to destroy it to support your own base of power.

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Baker innovation

It was done in the early 70's, I know I was present (Class of 74) when Baker U had a program called the “Core Curriculum” it had it’s good and bad points.but the major problem was that you had some Professors teaching in areas where they were clueless. But, if you use lessons learned concept of planning it may work this time. Go for it.

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Abortion rise

Stop abortion, the Bush administration needs the replacements for the soldiers his misguided policy's have lost in Iraq.

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Don't whine

It isn't about convenience for the fans it's about money for the KU sports program.

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Best, brightest

As a former recruiter most individuals join the service as a means to an end. Sure there are some who join to go get the bad guy, but most do not. However, it is the right given to those within our society to protest, to speak their mind, if we limited their ability to do so where will we be?

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Park priority

If developers are so quick to cover the landscape with houses, how about a few parks, after all a park near a new house does increase the value of the property.

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U.S. 59 price tag climbs

Why do we need this road?????? You follow 35 towards KC and you run into 70 and K-10, But again KDOT has difficulty in doing anything right. Again starting construction without getting all property rights on line. Where have I heard this before?

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