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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

I hope they left the new uniforms in West Virginia along with the way they have been playing.. Victories are good and always welcomed and never unwanted.

But I am curious with as weak as the Big 12 is this season, what happens when KU gets into the Tournament.. I am hoping for a run to the SHIP but could stall out.

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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

09/11/2001 I was a Senior in High School. I remember walking down the hall to my first class of the morning which was Ceramic Arts 2 and a good friend of mine asked me if i heard about the planes flying into the World Trade Center Towers in NYC and I just remember thinking "what stupid pilot didn't see 2 huge buildings" then i went to class.

Once reality had set in my teacher had told the class about what had happened and the severity of the situation took full form. For the next 2 hours we sat in the Library watching the news.

I still remember sitting next to teachers and friends watching the televisions and watching our world as we knew it was unraveling.

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