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Buses helping hungry, boosting KU spirit

Buses today will be located at the 23rd Street Dillon's and at 9th and Mass (not Hy-Vee).
Tomorrow the only bus is at Mrs. E's from 430-630pm.

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22-year-old man arrested on rape, kidnapping charges

What's the area of North 6th Street?

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Four-year degree elusive for many

They didn't assign you an adviser? Part of going to college is learning to be independent and yes, you make mistakes, but don't you realize that eventually, you have to ask for help? They don't assign you an adviser like an 8th grader, but you know advisers are there if you can't figure it out yourself. Being successful in getting an undergrad degree is about growing up and taking initiative. And some common sense, obviously.

I understand that taking more than 4 years is a strain on resources for the University and the state, but with tuition increasing at this high rate, you have to expect more and more students to have to have at least part-time jobs just to pay rent or even a small part of tuition. This leaves less time for more classes during a semester and more than 4 years to complete all 124 credits.
Also, many grad schools and employers look more favorably towards involvement and leadership roles as an undergrad, sucking up more time from those four years.

I'd be interested in knowing what the drop out rates or completion rates are after KU increases admission standards...

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Come on down!

Professor Rosen would have been an AMAZING replacement for Bob Barker! He did a fantastic job!

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Students likely to skip voting

Who you calling a part time resident? :)
I've been here for 4 years...yet I still have to pay out of state tuition. Getting to vote is the least the state of Kansas can do...

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KU's 'Scrabble Team' hoping to one day make it to nationals

It's okay, Bladrunner, your tax dollars don't even pay to get the buildings fixed on campus.
Money for groups comes from student fees, distributed by Student Senate.

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Student leaders ask Sebelius for downpayment

I would just like to thank the student leaders at all the universities in Kansas who took the initiative and took our concerns to the Governor. Hopefully, with your leadership, they will do something about this situation!
Thanks for representing our concerns so well!

-KU Senior

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Will you be participating in Kansas University's homecoming?

Just so you all know...Student Union Activities (a programming board on campus) is bringing Kathy Griffin.

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Young children suspected of theft

I don't think a public internet forum is an appropriate for ANY issues. Do you think any of you here solve the problems that you bicker and disagree about? Yes, you're smart if you can make jokes about *another* roundabout or *another* ban or *another* whatever. Free speech sure, but most of what I read on these message board is a disgrace to the Lawrence community.

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The high cost of low price

nice generalization, work4aliving.
I attend KU and I also work for a living because the most money I get from my parents is $20 for gas when I go home. I work, I have loans and I TRY not to shop at Wal-Mart. (Sometimes, it's necessary at midnight when it's the only store open!)
I think this documentary looks interesting. Obviously, this movie is one-sided, that is the nature of any movie. I do believe there are bad policies to the way Wal-Mart works and this looks like one filmmaker's view of why he doesn't like the store.

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