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Kansas basketball v. Michigan NCAA (Sweet 16)

Let's just forget about that!

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Federal report details academic fraud at Haskell

Every school has their problems. Haskell is just more under the microscope because it is federal run. I can only imagine what goes on at KU and gets swept under the rug

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Haskell records request unmet

Cant_have_it_both_ways: WOW how ignorant you are! It's people like you who make us look over our shoulder all right. With your words of hatred and demeaning remarks about OUR campus and Native Americans makes me feel the pain of what my ancestors went through when they had to give up everything to people like you. Haskell has been in our family for years and years. Starting from the boarding school days when my father was orphaned at 5. My parents met and married at Haskell, became upstanding citizens of this United States. My siblings and I attended, cousins, aunties, uncles. My ancestors paid a great price to have this school for us. Yes it is sacred to us. We will protect it forever.

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Haskell women rally, but fall

Awesome job tonight besides the loss! Way to go girls! You are really an upstanding team. You are an inspiration to many native american girls out there. Keep up the good work!

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Western union: ‘Only Good Indian’ explores cultural history through revisionist drama

Look, to all of you who try to analyze this or that......The truth be told American Indians have all been given the shaft some way some how in history. My dad grew up in these all indian boarding institutions. He went to Wahpeton Indian School and Haskell. Nobody cared about him but he survived. Because of these government institutions I have lost all the traditonal values that he could have passed down to me. Yeah I'm alittle bitter, but I prevail. Please do not tear each other apart because of the different ways you have been raised.

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Tuition-proposal, president's ambition stir turmoil at Haskell

First of all, "wayitis" doesn't make much sense. And second, "Horace" can kiss my butt for his insensitive remark.

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Haskell falls just short

I thought our HINU team played great! it truly is a game of inches!

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Haskell football meets Wesleyan

Okay you Fightin' Indians fans, get out there and root for your home team. They desperately need a home win! They're doing great this year so far, so let's get some encouragement going. I've got two on the team, so let's rock and roll!

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