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Road to prosperity?

you have spoken about actions that affect maybe 500 of your buddies across the state, what about the rest of us? i thought it said Road to prosperity.

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No GOP compromise

somedude: the only one to see a blackman in the house is you, the rest of us want a job, security, opportunity, and low taxes.

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Lawrence community devastated, shocked by closing of its SRS office

this almost seems political, has brownback been taking lessons from obama?

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companies and corporations don't pay taxes, they collect them from their customers.

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Historic fraud

congress am the guilty

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Obama: No. 1 seeds will rule in NCAA Tournament

you see a problem you bring in the people who are smart enough to deal with it if you are smart enough to deal with them

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Union rally fuels Kansas Democrats

organized labor vs public opinion
By a margin of 37 percent to 27 percent they believe unions make good jobs scarce; by 44 percent to 26 percent they say unions hamper worker productivity; and by a resounding 54 percent–to–18 percent margin they believe unions diminish American competitiveness.

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Union rally fuels Kansas Democrats

where does barney frank lie in your created by the ability mission bozo?

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Union rally fuels Kansas Democrats

overthemoon, wish i could pay loan back that way, i'll gladly pay you back tuesday.
what crap
no one knows the truth

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Jayhawks good, entertaining, too

am us fans sposed to be insulted hear

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