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Lawrence City Commission to consider 5 traffic-calming projects, including bike boulevard

Please come fix the 3 year old large potholes on Haversham / Stowe Drive! Please! You, the city are ruining our home values because we live near I70. Be careful home owners as your area ages it will be neglected by our (vote for the jail or we will cut services) local government!! YOUR NEXT!

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Chancellor Girod fires KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, citing lack of progress and necessary change in leadership

Call, text, email, Mangino...........and pay him anything he wants!

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City leaders approve bike boulevards, other bicycle and pedestrian projects

Please come and repair the streets and gutters in my neighborhood.....please, I pay taxes. We have winter potholes that are 3 (THREE), yes, I said three years old!
Please take care of the present streets before you build another roundabout(WHEEL).....QUIT FIXING WHAT IS NOT BROKEN!

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Douglas County voters reject controversial countywide sales tax; leaders say jail project will proceed after public input

Do not EVER threaten someone.
(or statutorily lie to them)

"In the weeks leading up to the election, members of the Douglas County Commission said the jail was a statutory requirement, and that they would move forward with jail improvements even if Proposition 1 failed, although they've also said any expansion would have to be done in phases. That could mean cutting spending in other areas and raising property taxes to save money to pay for phased jail improvements on a cash basis, they said."

They may just call your bluff!


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Lawrence school board to consider fundraising policy that would end door-to-door solicitation

Please end all of the fund raising. 99% OF THE MONEY IS GIVEN TO THE SCHOOLS WITH NO GOVERNANCE! The schools either trick the younger children in to thinking they can actually sell enough items to get a doll house, guitar, moped, 10 speed racing bike, condo in Vail, BMW or other impossible enticements! Spend within budget: 1. PAY THE BILLS FIRST. 2. SAVE, AT MINIMUM 10% EACH INCOME INFUSION AND INVEST AS A HEDGE AGAINST INFLATION. 3. SCHOOLS ARE A PUBLIC, TAX PAYER FUNDED INSTITUTION, THERE IS NO DISCRETIONARY SPENDING OPTION........LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS, DO NOT LIVE ON CREDIT AND ACCUMULATE DEBT AND THEN ASK MY OR ANYONE ELSE'S CHILDREN TO FUND RAISE!

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City finds the majority of downtown businesses undercharged for trash collection

This city just cannot manage it's financial affairs correctly with story after story of mismanagement. Now they want us to increase their taxing ability for a new project! I DO NOT THINK SO! "This is your brain on drugs = This is your money in local governments hands"......JUST SAY NO!

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Is your wrist pain carpal tunnel syndrome? Check these 8 signs

STOP! Masturbating. Knitting is fun

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Report: Anti-Semitic incidents soar by 57 percent

Daniel Kennamore, Dorothy Hoyt-Reed, and Phillip Chappuie,
I will tell you from personal experience while I am not a Trump supporter. Anti-Semitic behavior was present before Trump and he is not the cause. The people who are Anti-Semitic are of all colors, ethnic backgrounds, conservative and liberal. It is nice for left or right-leaning groups or individuals to pick an individual cause or target but in this instance you all simply do not have enough information on the topic your pontificating about.

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