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City finds the majority of downtown businesses undercharged for trash collection

This city just cannot manage it's financial affairs correctly with story after story of mismanagement. Now they want us to increase their taxing ability for a new project! I DO NOT THINK SO! "This is your brain on drugs = This is your money in local governments hands"......JUST SAY NO!

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Is your wrist pain carpal tunnel syndrome? Check these 8 signs

STOP! Masturbating. Knitting is fun

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Report: Anti-Semitic incidents soar by 57 percent

Daniel Kennamore, Dorothy Hoyt-Reed, and Phillip Chappuie,
I will tell you from personal experience while I am not a Trump supporter. Anti-Semitic behavior was present before Trump and he is not the cause. The people who are Anti-Semitic are of all colors, ethnic backgrounds, conservative and liberal. It is nice for left or right-leaning groups or individuals to pick an individual cause or target but in this instance you all simply do not have enough information on the topic your pontificating about.

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State law won't allow Douglas County commissioners to campaign for passage of jail, mental health sales tax

The commission thinks the two issues together would pass. This is their reasoning: We all know that criminals have mental issues and all people with mental issues will eventually need correctional housing. System Liberaltard Dynamics: procedures of circle thinking in space and time at others expense (tax & spend), a study of throwing others money at every possible chance. (If there is not a problem, we will create it and live from crisis to crisis)

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Lawrence school board picks KCMO's Lewis for superintendent position; announcement made before official vote taken

I lived most of my life in Kansas City, ages 1 - 40.
I had a large exposure to the KCMO school district, their political infighting, money grabs, loss of accreditation, poor student performance and the insistent revolving door of superintendents!
Lawrence school district USD497 has made another Lawrence Kansas small town “good ole’ boy” decision.
“27 square miles of denials!”
Do you not love your children?
In the last 10 years, have you not leaned that Lawrence is no longer insulated from the “real world”

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Dozens of unsafe trees to be cut down in North Lawrence

300$ to 500$ and if you have the stump ground out it can be between those numbers and/ or more than 1000$

I have had to remove two standing trees and one that had fallen over in a storm and the prices were all over the map!

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Lawrence City Commission approves commercial recycling service despite cost concerns

Please quit wasting my taxes on unproven ideas. Thank you

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City leaders consider what to do with $700,000 gained from billing audit

REPAIR...........the streets in the area just off north Crestline, Stowe and Haversham. They haven't been touched for TEN YEARS. We have paid taxes EVERY YEAR!

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