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Lawrence school board hears push for expanding diversity training

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sky is falling!
Please proceed to your designated safe zone immediately.

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State law brings placement of campaign signs into question

To keep you safe from another .....Kennedy....Johnson.....Roosevelt......Wilson.....draft and WAR!

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New federal report shows Lawrence economy stagnant in 2015, smaller than many in the region

Liberal economic planning = crappy(your own spell check corrected me so please tell me the liberal pc police will not delete my comment because it's crappy) RESULT.
Paul S.
Business Consultant,
Computer programming,
Network design................. and oh yes......

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Restaurant inspection results: IHOP closes after cockroaches found

" Deerfield Elementary School, 101 Lawrence Ave., last had a regular inspection on Sept. 8 and three violations were found. My children's school, not a surprise, like a puzzle piece that fits right in to a much larger picture.

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City Commission accedes to protesters' demands, signs letters in support of Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is hard for anyone with a chip on their shoulder and an excuse on their tongue!
Get over it and move on because the rest of the world has. Outside of Lawrence that attitude would last about zero seconds..................

September 9, 2016 at 7:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

City Commission accedes to protesters' demands, signs letters in support of Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Local Lawrence Kansas government made another monumentally poor decision.
They represent approximately 90,000 people and caved in to the demands of a whole twenty (yes I said 20) people!
Local Lawrence Kansas government used the age old French negotiating method..........................SURRENDER.
Lawrence Kansas, no intestinal fortitude, no back bone!

September 8, 2016 at 7:02 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Longtime downtown restaurant reopens, plans to add college arcade; several downtown businesses set to close

Yes, Good for you Thuy
I work from home and "stay" at home with my kids. I cannot think of any adventure(challenge) as rewarding. I have learned far more than I have taught! Thank you Jessica, John, Hana, Ayalah and Max......and of course my wife Stacy!

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Lawrence City Commission to decide on Kasold Drive reconstruction design

YES..........those financially irresponsible liberals, whom have never met an asset they could not miss use and a bad idea they couldn't resist shoving down the throats of the unwilling because they know what's best for us! Example: Obamacare, which of course is failing! Please save your I have a teenager at home if I need to hear mindless excuses...Thank you!

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