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Feds charge former Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer with embezzlement

There are two reasons that this happened and only two.
He is a thief.
Lawrence is a good old boy networked town of the past in modern times!

How many times do residents need to see local scandals on the frequency that they occur here to understand that we as a town are DOING IT WRONG!
Our philosophical, moral and ethical style are an outdated failure and we must gather the intestinal fortitude to CHANGE or the engine of evolution will extinct us................



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Lawrence City Commission to review Kasold Drive lane reduction

Darn liberal thinking!
Please put my checkbook away, just because you have money does not mean you must find a way to spend it. The street and intersection are fine! Please do not fix them!!!
Please quit creating problems(crisis) where do not exist simply to have something to do......
Local government's ego has has over shadowed it's intellect.....again.

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Lawrence City Commission approves property tax increase to save City Hall jobs, boost library funding

If I do not manage my money, I do not eat. I eat your food ..........right!
Thanks for clearing that up April.............

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Lawrence City Commission's maximum budget would include mill levy increase

The government serves the people not the people serve the government. Not until local government becomes a small enterprise will any large enterprises come our way!
Insanity is repeating the same action over and over expecting different results.................To save money could not Bert Nash and City Hall occupy the same space?

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Commissioners, public criticize staff cuts in Lawrence city manager's budget proposal

For anyone that needs to read it again and let it sink in:

Joe Herynk

"The city of Lawrence has the distinction of being the state's leader when it comes to low wages and high cost of living. How dare Mr Markus suggest eliminating some high salaried, non essential, taxpayer funded jobs while we our entitled to continue our Kardashian life style even though our tax base is funded by ramen noodle salaries."

Read it and read it again if need be...........have a cup of Joe, make a list of assets and liabilities........speak to a money manager, look at how your own budget works..........
Given enough time and thoughtful consideration it will make sense......You may not like it, but it will make sense!

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City manager: Positions on chopping block are 'nontraditional'

My apologies to all the liberal money managers but, Lawrence is over leveraged and the bill is now due!

Quit fixing things that are not broken.

The weight of your patches is pulling down the structure!

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100-gigabit internet now up and running at KU

Please tell me that Lawrence as a whole is soon to get 1-gigabit service! The current options are not sufficient for hundreds of different uses and reasons!

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Lawrence school district 'hits pause' on micro-aggression policy

One can assign meaning to anything.
I will be responsible for what I say or do, you have to be responsible for what you hear or see. People will treat you the way you let them, your reactions to them. Think about it...... Get over it!
No wonder this generation feels entitled.
Are we going to be able to protect them from everything?

God forbid they have to go outside Douglas county.

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City manager recommends staff cuts, no property tax rate increase for 2017

No, it is not inevitable, but government workers and their logic is.

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