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Is there anything you routinely leave Lawrence to shop for?

Anything above a 500$ price point can be bought for less in Kansas city!
Sorry but true......we have no real price competition in Lawrence and we have tourist pricing on everything.

How do you think local businesses make money................!

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Lawrence plans stricter enforcement of citywide fireworks ban

If they are going to allow the sale of fireworks.....they should be smart enough to expect possession and ignition! Let the "Progressives" in charge treat this like pot and turn a blind eye for 3 hours...... 7pm to 10pm on the 4th. Please put my wallet away!!

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West Point launches inquiry into cadets' fists-raised photo

They are in trouble because it goes against the cadets "honor". People today have no understanding of what honor is so this will make no sense. Any cadet would be in trouble no matter the gender or race!

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Lawrence city leaders to discuss improved enforcement of citywide fireworks ban

Because, when liberals find that the solution to a problem they are attempting to solve does not work they use "Insanity".
Insanity - the process of repeating the same behavior over and over and over, each time expecting different results.

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Lawrence school board to discuss district's rollout of 5,000 iPads

Another really poor real world decision being made on this issue and our students futures and the use of public funds!

Damn it, buy laptops with real computing power, not the proposed iPads toys. It will help them learn not only their school course material but let them get hands on regular use of the main device being used in business, art & academics! Buying the students iPads instead of laptops is like buying them LG flip phones instead of a Smart Phone..........who is making the commissions? Besides Apple, who is making money or benefits locally?

Follow the money!

Follow the egocentric...............

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Parking proposal for $75 million apartment project produces lots of questions, high stakes for Oread neighborhood

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March 28, 2016 at 2:57 p.m. ( )

KU investigation clears professor who used N-word in class

This investigation took four months and I wonder how much money? This could have taken care of in about twenty minutes and a cup of coffee. Please come to your senses, do not be intimidated by individuals...........just because they are LOUD!

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Lawrence OK'd to tackle 'an epidemic' among its thousands of ash trees

There is no treatment, once infected the tree will die. The taxpayers are being sold another swamp. Because of the makeup of this town swamp sellers, fortune tellers and snakes flock here to roost!
I love my would be 100 times more superior to any local city if we would properly manage our money and quit buying magic tree powder and developing our city with thieves!

March 7, 2016 at 8:08 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Black Lives Matter founder challenges KU students to become involved

They are deleting my comments in entirety...........the FREE SPEECH leader!
Stick to the far left or be invisible....................
CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION to this tissue thin carp PropagandaPaper!

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