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Group says youth drug overdoses up in Kansas

I cannot begin to tell you or warn you how naive your comments are. Stick to a topic you understand miss the point and conclusion. I have personal experience with each of your named illnesses and you?

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Group says youth drug overdoses up in Kansas

I have a family member who has been a heroin addict for 10 years. I cannot begin to tell you or warn you how naive most of this article and the following comments are. This problem, on all levels, is far more dangerous than you realize.

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KU plan for diversity training worries some GOP lawmakers

Oh.......look, here at K.U. as well.....................

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Call for student leaders to resign, hunger strike add to tensions on KU campus

Life is not always fair..................if college is too challenging might I suggest real life!
This message was brought to you by your parents...."We spent our time, money and love to prepare you for the world".
NOW, PLEASE GO.....................

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Parking questions loom for Here @ Kansas apartment project as high-tech parking company files for bankruptcy, stops work on project

Is there no intestinal fortitude in this city? Stop this project until the monies for parking, in the form of a surety bond at 125% of cost, is delivered to the city with a parking facility contract and a schedule of construction goals and completion dates with early completion incentives and late penalties!

Quit the everybody's got good intentions malarkey and get to "BUSINESS".

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SLT interchange at Bob Billings Parkway will be delayed and cost $2.1 million more because of sinking roadway

Good ole Lawrence town planning brought to you by the same folks who are putting a roundabout at Kasold and Harvard narrowing it down to one lane so ya'll can slow down and see the 12.3 trillion dollar land site of the new police station.
What really gets me is that the streets in my neighborhood do not even have gutters............ANYMORE (years ago they washed away and destroyed all the drive ways on my street.....Haversham Drive.....I have called and called (785-832-3137 & 785-393-4417 city street maintenance) and written but these people are too busy out engineering and constructing!

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Nurse's lawsuit alleges that Lawrence Memorial Hospital falsified records

I was taken there for a heart attack. (Huge bill harder on me than the heart attack) After three hours or so they helicoptered me me to St. Lukes for a stint.(the helicopter bill was as big as the LMH bill) I certainly must go back and look at all of my paper work now..................

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City commissioner says some travel expenses by former Mayor Jeremy Farmer have drawn questions; city expected to release details today; Soden talks about pending appointment

I don't owe anybody.
I am not "leveraged".
My biggest concern are those that live in Lawrence.
I don't need "friends".
I kick ass(metaphorically), and move forward.
I don't want anything.
I have a history "fault(S)"
I would serve only 1(one) term.

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Lawrence police chief urges city to weigh pros, cons of body cameras

Chief Tarik Khatib has been beating the bush about his belief that, even after the voters declined, we should have a new police building. He (and others) have stated that the needed money is no problem.........Millions of dollars!

But 150,000 for body cameras is cost prohibitive.....................

"But Khatib wrote that even if the city could find funding for the approximately $150,000 needed to purchase the cameras, there would likely be greater costs in the future. More funding would be needed for storage(Another plug for a new building) and additional personnel to work with the cameras, Khatib said, and it would likely cost another $150,000 every three to five years for technology replacements."

He is Speculating AKA He doesn't know....................

How come this dog don't hunt?

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Talk of new police facility stirs up controversy at study session

I think I know how to end this controversy........Let's have a vote!
I have lived here twenty years now and know how things get done in Lawrence.

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