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Dallas TV station to report Darrell Arthur allegedly may have benefited from academic improprieties in high school

The NCAA Clearinghouse investigated DA (as they do all student athletes) and cleared him to play college basketball. Regardless of what happened, he was eligible to play college basketball because the Clearinghouse said he was. KU is not responsible once the NCAA rules on a kid. Weird story though.

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Chelsea Clinton remarks cloud debate plan

Not getting a single conviction out of 50 million taxpayer dollars of witch hunt seems to imply that the Clintons are quite a bit cleaner than most Americans. That is in adition to the the untold millions that T. Boone and the pre-Swift Boat veterans poured into making sure Clinton wasn't in the White House to begin with.

Do you really think that for 50+ million bucks they couldn't pin something on you, Huckabee, or Jesus Christ? The hate identity-based politics of the right has to end. Do you really think you're helping the conservative cause? Stick to real issues- conservatives actually have a role to play in government if they lose the hatred.

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Huckabee? GOP should keep looking

This is rich. Now Huckabee has hired Ed Rollins, the guy that hasn't been in politics since 1994 when he admitting that he paid African-American ministers to suppress the black vote.

Cue the National Anthem here.

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Huckabee? GOP should keep looking

Huckabee is the 'conservatives' only hope. Rudy and Romney will not pull enough of the whacko bible thumpers to the polls for them to have a chance.

Problem is, of course, that the country is sick of the mouth-breathing neocon rhetoric. After the last 7 years you can hardly blame them.

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What do you think of baseball's steroid report?

And Mark McGwire, not named in the report despite having all the paperwork from his supposed supplier.

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House passes bill banning waterboarding

If it really took you 7 years to be ashamed of being an American, I'm ashamed of Americans as well.

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House passes bill banning waterboarding

This is so insane. In 2004, Bush put AAD Daniel Levin in charge of determining whether waterboarding was torture. The guy actually went and experienced waterboarding to help him decide. He came back and said it was definitely torture so Bush fired him. Kill the messenger indeed.

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Do you think Kansas will have any influence on the presidential race?

What % of the population would you guess is in NY and CA? Do you think they just randomly gave more votes to New Yorkers because they like their accent?

Of the 296.4 million people in America, 12% live in California and almost 7% live in New York. 55/538 electors come from California, or 10.8%. 31/538 (5.8%) electors come from New York.

Both states are actually under-represented while the smaller red states are over-represented.

This is how Al Gore can receive 550,000 more votes than George Bush and still lose the 2000 election.

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KU students not very patriotic?

Another example of misuse of the term 'patriotism'.

I'm not sure that Haskell students are not more patriotic than KU students, but enlistment at this time in our history certainly wouldn't prove that.

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Are you happy to hear that Darrell Arthur will play basketball at Kansas University?

That was Roy that lost to Rhode Island with a team full of NBA first rounders. Get your coaches straight.

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