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Kansas elections chief files 3 criminal cases under new law

Um, no. Basic high school courses teach this. When splitting residency (whether city/state or county/nation) residency must be established. The resident can choose, but they must choose as to which "residency" is their "home". Therefore establishing the voting parameters for that individual.

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Police identify victim killed in shooting at Mother's Day cookout

Why are you knocking the police? They can only come once they are notified of a problem and they didn't cause this incident. Would you like their job? It's thankless and life-threatening. It's easy to sit back and pass judgement when you don't walk in their shoes.

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Cancer defeated, Bigg's Barbecue owner ready to help feed hundreds on Christmas

Congratulations, Doug! Keep kicking cancer's rear! You've been a great friend to Lawrence Area Catbackers and to the community of Lawrence! We're all behind you. Here's to continued healing and a wonderful future!

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Sebelius a finalist for Time Person of Year

You have got to be kidding me.

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High school game-day T-shirts cause stir

I know Hank. He has told me personally he would call any Lawrence High School game. (FSHS or LHS) Traditionally, though, he has called LHS. This is what he and the community are used to. Please don't make it sound as if he's refusing to call the FSHS games. That is the inaccurate part.

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High school game-day T-shirts cause stir

All I can say to this comment is "Wow." Let the kids' be kids. It's a rivalry! I've seen horribly offensive signs/t-shirts and behavior over the years. Does that make it right? No. Does it mean we should all hug and sing Kum Bi Ya? No. It just means we should teach our children to be more sensitive and think before they act. Gary... I think you need to develop a bit thicker skin. These shirts must have touched a nerve or something for you to take it so personally. If that happened...I'm very sorry. But they are teenagers in t-shirts...nothing more, nothing less.

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High school game-day T-shirts cause stir

That is not a completely accurate statement. I would rather listen to a game on FM, anyway. Much clearer and larger signal.

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High school game-day T-shirts cause stir

This is a non-story. I'm a parent of a FSHS student (and he went to CJHS) and there are things that have offended me off and on in this community for years. I've witnessed this type of behavior on both sides of 15th street. Why the big fuss now? As a parent if you don't like it- teach your children to not behave this way. Teaching them to cry "FOUL" every time something offends them only teaches them to become a victim and that the world had better wear kid gloves while dealing with them. (Which will NOT happen in the real world.)
Aren't there bigger issues that could use the community's time and attention?

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Editorial: In the street

I'm thinking someone had to reroute for his drive home and felt a bit inconvenienced....
Could this article make Lawrence sound more uppity or non-tolerant? So...I's ok to shut down the street for a KU event...because EVERYONE supports the Hawks in this town, right? (NO) Support buisness. Cater to different ideas and lifestyles. THIS was a GREAT idea and event. My family used to LOVE going to the free movies before the new building was built at 9th and New Hampshire. Do different events for different people. EMBRACE the community. Don't just shake your fist and yell, "You kids get off my lawn!"
Lighten up Dolph! (and I doubt he'll read any of these comments..).

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Letter: Stupid threat

Does Guth have the right to say what he said? Yes. Does Fred Phelps and his posse of lemmings have the right to say what they say? Yes. Freedom of speech is one thing. Stupidity and irresponsible use of it is another. Hate is hate. Being open-minded is accepting others opinions even when they don't allign with our own. I may not like what either of these examples said...but it is their right to say it. I just wish they would use less hate and more thought in their expressions.

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