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A driver sticks his head out the window of his car to see his way through an intersection. A mix of

Maybe if he would have taken two minuts to clear the snow from his car/windows he would be able to see...

#Pure Genius!!!

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Water, sewer upgrades would tap wallets

Make the people that water their lawns pay for it, and leave us poor folks alone!

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Two Lawrence men treated for stab wounds, arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery

This is too funny! I wonder if they rode to the ER together!?

Now I nderstand why the 2 times I gave that place a chance they Failed miserably...

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One person dies after being struck by a piece of metal that fell from an oncoming vehicle on the SLT in Lawrence

Im thinking that the transition from highway to bridge played into this somehow.
For some reason k-dot cant seem to build a smooth transition, or fix them when they get bad. This one is really bad!!!
The other part of the equation is poeple who dont secure their loads properly, Half the trailers I see getting pulled around this town look like they need to go to the dump with along with all the junk that is on it!!

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Lawrence man, 33, convicted of attempted aggravated indecent solicitation of a child

Sooo.... 16 & 17yr olds are still fair game to him!?!?

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Josh Selby bids KU adieu

Hey Josh, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!!!
(He was never KU material anyway...)

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Lawrence man sentenced to more than six years in prison for two robberies he committed to get money for illegal drugs

That's a whopping .31cents he got away with for every day he will spend in jail for the crime, not a good risk/payoff situation. Plus he has to pay it back which will probably take the deadbeat another 6 years to pay off once he gets out.
Not much punishment for the threat of shooting someone's eye out I guess!? Haha..

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27-year-old woman arrested Sunday morning for trying to drive over man in parking lot

Had it been a man trying to run over a women it would have been attempted murder.
Just sayin...

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Officials: Attempt at thawing frozen pipes sparked fire that destroyed mobile home on 31st Street

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Lawrence school board to decide how to make up time lost to snow; classes, activities likely to resume Thursday

I would like to see wasted Wednesdays stop being wasted!
I have had 2 children that have already graduated and have a seventh grader still in the system, I have never liked the short day on Wednesdays! As a single parent that works a full time job it has been a major pain trying to cordinate transportation!!

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