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Inconsistent numbers create new questions in Rock Chalk Park audit

Sounds like the city should have just let the LJWorld conduct the audit...

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Man stabbed at Lawrence Salvation Army, airlifted to hospital

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February 20, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. ( )

Lawrence police: Wanted man threatens officers with knife at Wal-Mart

What was he on parole for?

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RadioShack closes South Iowa Street store; pro-police HQ group spends about $24K in losing effort, opposition group about $500

Kiefs closing after almost 55 years in business didn't even get this big of a write up..

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Letter: Ice rink is a joke

I wonder who is responsible for sharpening the skates (and keeping them sharp)?
It's not something you just watch a YouTube video on and become a pro..

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Jefferson County couple charged in alleged hit-and-run

Drugs are bad ummkay....

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Letter: Sacred wetlands

Pave the Wetlands...

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Overland Park man sentenced to five years in prison for fatal 2010 drunken-driving collision in Lawrence

What a pc of crap!

5 years for killing someone...Really!?!?
(our court system is so broke!!!)

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Suspect in Wednesday bank robbery arrested

I wonder if he was buying food or cigarettes with the loot!?

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A driver sticks his head out the window of his car to see his way through an intersection. A mix of

Maybe if he would have taken two minuts to clear the snow from his car/windows he would be able to see...

#Pure Genius!!!

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