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Opinion: Teams will regret passing on McLemore

Yes, his ball handling needs work and he is right hand dominant. BUT he can go left and he can create. Check the 0:37 and the 1:30 marks.

If we had better PG play this last year Ben would have been twice as good. Most of the time the PG took a bad shot or threw it away. No one got him the ball in the games where he was noted to "disappear."

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Town Talk: Architects, fundraisers make pitch to build new rec center for city; prospects for compromise on tennis lights brightening; beauty supply store set to open on 23rd Street

"The courts are not heavily used by KU." Umm...I play frequently and have run into problems with court availability on campus. When those courts were full I would then go to LHS. On several occasions I couldn't get on at either location.

Yes, courts are generally available during the day and on bad weather days. On nice evenings, hardly ever.

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The old college try: Students organize fundraiser for Joe College in its fight against Kansas University

LSU v. Smack Apparel - Court of Appeals (5th circuit) conclusion: "the colors, content, and context of the offending t-shirts are likely to cause confusion as to their source, sponsorship, or affiliation..."

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City Commission will take up renaming Missouri Street north of Memorial Stadium

I forgot how many visitors I will be guiding down Missouri Street this year....
Bob Billings is a major trafficway and a different issue.
As for the cost...4-8 street signs won't break the city. If it does then we should have concerns about the commission.

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City Commission will take up renaming Missouri Street north of Memorial Stadium

It is a seldom used street that leads to Memorial Stadium. I say name it after Coach Fam!

For those who get so angry over this get a life. Unless you live on that street it won't affect you in any way. You are the grumpy old farts that people in the neigborhood avoid.

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