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City seeks exemption for Farmland cleanup

I hope that the bankruptcy judge denies the contingency that the city asks for. If the land were sold to the city in that manner, only the city benefits from the sale. Bankruptcy sales have one goal: to liquidate property of the bankruptcy estate for the benefit of creditors. They're not supposed to disadvantage the estate or subject it to losing deals like this one! (At least in theory, anyway, but our commissioners seem to want to rewrite the Bankruptcy Code for their own ends.)

After all, if the trust fund is more than enough to clean up the land, the rest goes to creditors (regardless of who is liable for cleanup). If it isn't enough...well, the city wants to sock the bankruptcy estate with that added expense...but under normal conditions, the buyer would be responsible for the rest of the cleanup.

Of course, I don't think the city should even be bidding on this land, contingency or not. After all, when there's talk of a tax increase to cover expenses the city is already liable for, this is just the stupidest decision ever. Any way you put it, the city commission seems to want the city to own the Farmland land, regardless of whether it compromises taxpayers, Farmland's creditors, or the spirit of the Bankruptcy Code.

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Police calls for fireworks fizzle a bit

People should be allowed to shoot fireworks, but fireworks use should be restricted to prevent harm to other people and their property. For instance, fireworks shouldn't be shot off near cars - a stray spark or a firework blown under a car by the wind could cause a car fire. (That's what pissed me off about the neighbors the other day...if they stayed away from the cars (especially mine), that would be all right.) Same goes for shooting them off in the grass or near brush. Also, having a fire extinguisher and/or a bucket of water or sand should be mandatory when shooting off fireworks. And of course - never point fireworks at people. This stuff is just plain common sense. Of course, our government doesn't trust us with common sense anymore and is trying to nanny us more than anything...but that rant is for another time.

Certainly my proposal isn't as enforceable as an all-out ban, but at least it would bring people to justice if they caused any harm to people and/or property. It could be passively enforced to put the liability only on those that cause harm with fireworks. Most importantly, though, it'll allow people to have a good and safe time with fireworks.

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Do the math

Strangely enough, the whole "guaranteed tuition" idea wasn't the idea of administrators - it was proposed by Student Senators. Granted, the administration probably saw these monetary benefits and ironed out the details to make even more. If it weren't for our student politicians, though, the guaranteed tuition idea wouldn't have even been brought up.

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What is the strangest thing you ate as a child?

Once, I made some homemade ice cream in a coffee can with the ice and rock salt sealed in Ziploc bags. Well, my friends and I decided to play kickball with the coffee can ("Hey, that'll make it finish mixing and gelling sooner!"), and the bags broke. I grossed out my friends by eating the ice cream we made that was overly saturated with rock salt.

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New diet pill hits stores; experts warn of side effects

The effects of Olean (olestra) and alli (orlistat) on one's stools are similar. However, Olean is a fat substitute, meaning that the potato chips with it were fried with it, that passes through the bowels undigested. alli is not a fat substitute or food additive - it inhibits digestion of the fats that you normally eat.

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New diet pill hits stores; experts warn of side effects

The anti-diarrheal drug Imodium (loperamide) can curb those side effects without compromising the weight-loss efficacy of alli (orlistat) and without causing severe constipation. It may cause farting, though, which Imodium Advanced (loperamide + simethicone) can help.

Fox, M. et al. (2005). The effects of loperamide on continence problems and anorectal function in obese subjects taking orlistat. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 50(9), 1576-1583.

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Library decision won't be rushed

cog_nate: Consider that if a 1% increase is passed, Lawrence's sales tax rate will be *higher* than every other one on that page!

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Back taxes demanded for Internet purchases

We should do away with the sales tax, use tax, and property taxes and replace them with a progressive income tax. That way, the poor and the middle class aren't unfairly burdened, while the rich bear a greater burden than they do already. Besides, the rich can afford it.

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Do you think the driving age in Kansas is too low?

Marion: "Auto accidents involving teenagers account for 44% of teen deaths in the US."

What would you rather them die of? No matter what, some teens will always die. Thus, there will always be percentages of teen deaths to speak of. Reduce this statistic, and you'll be surprised at how similar statistics for homicide and suicide will skyrocket.

Probably a better statistic to look at - and one that can be reduced without redistributing the numbers - is the actual number of teenagers that died in auto accidents.

Also, what about those auto accidents involving teenagers where the teenager wasn't at fault? Sure, getting the teens off the road still saves lives, but does it really do much for general road safety in that case? Probably not.

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Voter turnout among lowest in memory

When I voted yesterday on the Democrat ticket, there was only one contested race (Secretary of State). Remember - we're a blue city...and there wasn't much action in the blue primary.

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