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John Lennon and Tina Turner in Concert: Just Imagine!

I seen Tina at her last concert and then I seen her in Chicago on the 3rd. She is totally awesome. That woman has so much energy at 69. Proud Mary and Nut Bush City Limits had the house rockin, and she does out dance her dancers.GO TINA GO.

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Barbecue joint ready to move into old Bucky's location

Grandaddy's is the best. He has the best bbq sauce.

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New trash trucks seen as recycling boon

I do agree that you should just place them the correct way but we all have had bad mornings and at the last minute you see the trash hasn't been taken out so you hurry before you head off to work and then you have had a bad day at work then you come home to something hanging off your trash cans and it says you need to place them so many inches away from the curb and so many inches apart of each other. It is just frustrating.I do like on windy days that the lids are not blowing everywhere. The day that I put out big trash that had boxes and a few odds and ends, my neighbor put out the same kind of things to, I watched him get out and pick and chose what was going into the truck. Just didn't make since. Just becareful when do that spring cleaning in the basement, make sure it goes into the big blue can.

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New trash trucks seen as recycling boon

Those trash cans are a big pain. If you don't sit them the right way they will leave you a big green note telling you did it wrong. I don't know if they will start charging if you do it wrong everytime, I see it coming to make extra income. They will not pick up anything that is sitting outside of the can. Everything must go inside and the lid has to shut. They have 1 big trash pick up a month but that doesn't mean you can sit trash bags on the side of the cans. That means for furniture pick up. I hope some of the other Eudorans will chime in on this.

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