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Opinion: It's time to embrace this team's ugly way of winning

The last three games it appears Jeff Withey seems to be in a funk. He is one heck of a shot blocker but seems to be watching the game instead of defending. I've watched him let players drive by him and never offer to guard them nor try to block their shots. Several times never making an effort to cover his man in the corner. Maybe its just because to whole team seems to be in a slump now. Hope they get it together before long. I think they will be fantastic in march.

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‘The Socially Skilled Child Molester’: How communities and parents overlook pedophiles

There is no cure for them. Give them an injection and send them to hell.

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Have you ever watched a boxing match live or on television?

If i was to want to watch fighting. I would go to a hockey game.

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Two home burglaries reported

All apartments i know of changes locks after each person leaves. Of course doesn't do much good if a master key is available. Thats why alot of the apartment communites have dropped the master key.

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Preseason media poll places KU football last, OU first in Big 12

Penn State is going to be losing some players soon. Send them an invite to join us.

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Sound Off: How many KU athletes graduated on Sunday?

Better yet. How many did Kentucky graduate?

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Police issue warning after burglar enters two southwest Lawrence homes as residents sleep inside

Always keep a throw away gun like the police carry. The intruder will always have one after he hits the floor. You win.

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Allen Fieldhouse Final Four send-off and arrival

Other news papers always has better coverage than our own local paper.

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... Big Easy go

All those McDonalds All Stars didn't help North Carolina and up to this point hasn't helped Kentucky win the big prize.

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Self: Team thrives on unity

For more complete stories of KU check the KC Star and Topeka Capital paper. They always seem to get stories in ahead of our local paper.

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