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Homeland insecurity: Laurie Anderson takes uncompromising look at how America has changed

her music makes me think.......makes me think that her talking song after song isn't music

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Jury finds for KU in Joe-College lawsuit

dear ljworld,10th paragraph..."Tilly said that approximately 75 perent of the shirts that KU questioned were not in violation of any trademark. Sinks will stay in business, he said."it's called SPELL CHECK...if you need help using it, i'll send over my 7 year old nephew.

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Independent's Day: Lawrence's Fourth of July establishes strong brotherhood within indie scene

These cats are the goods.Their "on the plains" release is solid, start to finish.

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BCS rank 'the right number'

"Yeah. Anybody remember KU vs. Syracuse?"

nice "reporting" chad.

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Kansas thrives on road

dear ljworld,

officially, it's called THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS.....not kansas university.

just thought i'd point out the obvious to you.


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Threshing bee offers glimpse of past

given the recent sensationalism at ljworld....i'm shocked that the two guys on the steam engine aren't kissing...

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Do you think the Wakarusa Festival will go more smoothly this year than last year?

the sheriff's dept and k.b.i. tried their best to squash the festival last year. all that surveillance and car searching (and disruption of law abiding citizens) for just a handful of arrests.

barney fife would've been proud!

given their doublespeak and antics since last year's mess, i expect they'll somehow top themselves this year.

nevertheless, wakarusa organizers will ONCE AGAIN put up with all of that law-enforcementy-nonsense to deliver a great festival experience.

waka waka!

ps: no one reads these comments

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Lunch turns into $150 meal

and let them know you're boycotting
they're not reading this, so they won't know what you think unless/until you call them

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Coal-powered plant draws criticism, backing

an interesting email on the subject i recently rcvd:

...there are very serious concerns regarding the current proposal for a new coal-fired plant to be built out in Holcomb, Kansas. In summary, we know now that coal-fired energy presents a host of long-term problems for humans and our planet, including, but not limited to - asthma, heart attacks, strokes, mercury poisoning which causes long-term neurlogical damage and global warming the full impacts of which will dwarf the preceding.

The proposed plant will be one of the largest coal-fired plants in the entire U.S., and its carbon impacts will completely negate the recent agreement by all northeastern states to cut their carbon production. Kansans will only use 8% of the power from this plant. Perhaps the most upsetting aspect of this plant is its location in the heart of one of the greatest wind resource areas in our nation. Utilities have complained that transmission is a problem from Western Kansas and yet they are building a massive coal-fired plant right there. (Yes we understand the difficulties in the fact that wind is not base-load: that if they build coal-fired production they can be better-assured of having transmission lines fully occupied at all times: but the point remains that they are willing to build lines to transmit coal-fired energy, but not wind.) Further, this plant will draw water from the Ogallala Aquifer to operate. Saturating this area with polluting coal-fired power will make it even more difficult for people to establish new non-polluting wind generation.

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Do you think people with babies should be charged for an extra ticket at KU football games?


i'm sorry to learn you had kids.

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