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Brownback: It's up to Legislature to cut budget

This "it's not my job" diatribe doesn't work for me nor should it work for anyone. You are the Republican governor in a Republican-controlled state and the de facto leader of the Kansas GOP--you ran for governor to show you can be an effective leader so why aren't you an effective leader?

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Proposed apartment building near KU seeks another parking exemption from City Hall; WOW in negotiations to keep Discovery Channel; city to host food/toy drive Monday

Couldn't KU and HERE partner to help the city rebuild Mississippi Street from 11th to the parking garage entrance? They could add more parking on the street that isn't parallel parking and possibly get parking on both sides of the street depending on how close the apartments are going to be to the road.

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Lawrence library visitors up 55 percent; city agrees to final library construction bill; solar panels installed at Prairie Park

You can just put your stack of books in the self-service machine and it will scan every single book without you having to do it one-by-one. I find it weird too that there's no one doing checkouts but I never waited in line to check out books anyway because I'm fully capable of doing things on my own.

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Saturday column: Brownback has chance to put Kansas in more positive position

Maybe Brownback should make whatever Dolph is high on available to all Kansans.

"Will Brownback seize this opportunity?"
No, he won't. He's already said he plans on doubling-down on his great experiment. His "inner circle" has already said they are not going to revisit the tax plan at this time. Maybe they will when the legislature starts in January but probably not. I do believe that Brownback is a smart guy but he has one major flaw--he can NEVER admit that he was wrong. Applying the brakes to his experiment would be admitting that he is wrong and he was taught in Washington to never do that. When he realizes that he is wrong, some other person takes the blame and they are immediately replaced. Brownback never admits wrongdoing. If Brownback can get past this then maybe he could become a decent governor.

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Douglas County election canvass finds 26 ballots rejected over citizenship

Cashing a check, buying alcohol, gaining employment are not rights bestowed to us by the Constitution, voting is.

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Ex-Kansas Gov. Graves endorses US Sen. Roberts

How come when Graves endorsed all the moderate representatives in 2012 the GOP said they didn't consider Graves a voice in today's Kansas but now that he's backing one of theirs, he's suddenly relevant again?

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Ex-Kansas Gov. Graves endorses US Sen. Roberts

Joan Finney didn't run against Graves. Finney retired after one term, Jim Slattery was the opponent.

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Q&A with Kansas House District 46 candidates Highberger, Robinson

Lawrence wouldn't see any money from people attending online courses. Since students wouldn't be living here our tax revenue would plummet. Businesses would close up and our unemployment would skyrocket. Apartment complexes would be empty and our population would dwindle. Most of KU would be abandoned and hundreds would be laid off. I don't know why Doug Robinson wants Lawrence to die but his comments throughout this questionnaire are disturbing.

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Analysis: Gay marriage clouds Kansas governor race

"Activist judges should not overrule the people of Kansas."

I'd accept that if a MAJORITY of Kansans even voted on the issue. You can find the numbers of that election on the Secretary of State's website and first, it was in April of 2005, not even a major election day so only 597,059 people went out to vote. Five months prior, just over 1.2 million people voted for president. That means that not even half the people who went out to vote for president voted in April. Also, only 417,627 people voted YES. Essentially, yes, 69% of people voted to ban same sex marriage in Kansas but that 69% are of people who actually voted. In reality, only 25% of registered voters voted to ban same sex marriage in Kansas.

Had the vote been in November, I still feel it would've passed but not by a 69-31 margin. The legislature purposely held the election at a time where only hardcore voters (usually conservative) go out to vote so the amendment could pass with flying colors. Had the vote been in November, it more than likely would've barely passed or barely failed.

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As city grows northwest, many new students won't be allowed to go to Lawrence schools

If you can find a school district willing to discard jobs and identity more than a lot of them already have (do some research on school consolidation in Kansas and how it saves money but damages communities) then have at it.

Also, the bigger the school district, the more top-heavy it is with administration and having more people in the district office doesn't save any money.

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