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Dredging lakes, building aqueduct may be part of Kansas' 50-year water plan

Is Kansas allowed to do that? Considering the ideas this administration has had I could see the aqueduct being built and millions of gallons being pumped to southwest Kansas and then some other state saying we can't do that, sue us and then us having to pay millions of dollars. Other states use the Missouri, it is not solely Kansas' river to use.

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Hundreds of teachers show up at Statehouse to protest plan to repeal teacher tenure

Last I knew, people don't become teachers for the money--they become teachers because that's what they want to do. They went into a profession knowing they would probably get paid less than what they are worth and treated badly by more people than your average worker. But just because that's been the norm for several decades now, doesn't mean it has to stay the same.

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Wichita clinic says it provided 1,200 abortions

It's also kind of sickening that anti-abortion advocates are the usually the same people who want to cut funding for food stamps and other services that may make raising a child easier. They'll stand outside the statehouse and cheer at bills designed to make getting abortions harder but are nowhere to be found when bills are passed cutting food stamps, defunding education, raising taxes, making sure the ACA doesn't come to Kansas--all of which make it harder to raise a child.

They're not pro-life, they're pro-birth.

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Tractor-trailer crashes into I-70 tollbooth, Colorado driver dead

Oh! I think he's wondering why we have to pay a private company (KTA) to drive on a road (the Turnpike) that was built with federal tax dollars (the interstate program). The simple answer is that the Turnpike predates the Federal Interstate System by two years so it wasn't paid for by federal tax dollars. The KTA paid for all of it and continues to pay for all of it through the tolls.

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Kansas House advances charitable raffle amendment

Article 15 of the Kansas Constitution was amended in 1986, so the people of Kansas (64%) approved a government-run lottery.

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Obamacare is 'actuarially unsound,' Jenkins argues in Baldwin City

So I'm assuming that Social Security, Medicare, and everything else that Congress has ever passed was perfect as is when it landed on the president's desk?

You know what really tightens my britches? The fact that our representatives always schedule these things in the middle of the day when people are at work and not in the evening when people can actually make it. They also never go to places where they may actually have to handle people who may disagree with them and when they do, it's usually for a fee or you have to be part of some club or a business owner. And I'm not saying Democrats don't do it either, they have but all of our Democrats seem a lot more open to dissent and the people than our Republican reps.

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Davis running against Brownback ... and Obama

If I were Davis, I would just remind Brownback and his campaign that Obama isn't running for Kansas governor, has very little to do with our state and if Brownback wanted to battle Obama so much then he should've stayed in Washington.

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Store that specializes in e-cigarettes opens on 23rd Street; update on Menards project

Couldn't Missouri Street from the Indian Hills neighborhood be extended south to 31st? There isn't even a Michigan Street south of 10th Street since it was renamed Naismith. Missouri already looks like it was expected to be extended before the Naismith Bike Trail was attached to it.

Also, does this mean the extension of Louisiana Street being moved to the west for the SLT will be Michigan Street, not Louisiana? It would make more sense.

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Federally recognized tribes in Kansas oppose Delaware Tribe's efforts in Kansas

So, wait. Having a casino in Lawrence would produce economic hardship for the casinos in White Cloud, Mayetta, Powhattan and Horton? The Sac & Fox and Kickapoo tribes do realize that their casinos are separated by only 7 miles, right?

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Poll indicates close Brownback-Davis gubernatorial race

How come our state GOP spokespeople always conclude that Brownback will win because of the way Kansans voted in 2012, 2010 and 2008? What about the way Kansans voted in 2006, 2002, 1990, 1982, 1978, 1970 and 1966 when Kansans voted for Democratic governors? While the state legislature and our federal reps will remain Republican, the governor's office, as of right now, is up for grabs.

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