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School district seeks to buy large property along 23rd Street; parade of trash trucks through East Lawrence may end

It was already housing snowplows and other fleet vehicles but was also the site to dump hazardous household material and the county noxious weeds department so why would the environmental concern change?

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What's the most historic area in Lawrence?

What graves? The same graves people claim were at 9th & New Hampshire next to the Arts Center but neither historians or radar could find proof of their existence?

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Golf course, apartment developments under construction in northwest Lawrence; city commissioner gets graphic on Topeka sewage issue

If you are north of Overland Drive in that area, you are in Perry-Lecompton.

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Lawrence mayor: 'Hopefully sine die is not a synonym for unfathomable stupidity'

If a city wants to tax their way into being a good city then why should the state government stop them? The Kansas legislature is for small government but this is yet another of the many examples of the state telling cities and counties what to do.

Honestly, I would rather have a few dollars taken out of my paycheck every month then pay roughly $0.95 per dollar on everything I spend just so the few wealthy people and 300,000 LLCs in Kansas can have a tax break.

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Indian Hills residents concerned for safety after traffic diverted onto 27th Street

I think the solution to this problem is...not relocate 31st Street ergo not having to close it!!

Why are three fairly major thoroughfares being realigned? Haskell is the only one that makes sense because it's actually going to have an exit with the SLT and there are businesses where the exit would be.

I swear, it's like road construction can't even construct a straight line anymore. All the roads have to meander a quarter mile off their route. The new Louisiana Street is going to be a half mile away from the old alignment. They might as well rename that portion Missouri Street because it lines up better with Missouri off of 29th Terrace than Louisiana.

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New Lawrence mayor confident commission ready to tackle issues, rebuild trust

The Journal-World does an article on the mayor every year. Last year was Amyx, Dever before that, Schumm, Cromwell, et al. They're all puff pieces designed to give the city an idea about what the new mayor--who has no real power, remember--would like to do over the next year. It's a common article in newspapers across the globe.

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Police PAC issues statement against Soden; Board of Realtors PAC gets nearly $15K from national organization; SLT concept plan could create major changes near Clinton Parkway

The article said they would build an underpass at K-10 & Kasold so Kasold/East 1200 Road can just go underneath.

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Baldwin district having sale at Vinland school on Saturday

I'm sure the people of USD 348 would love the school district wasted time and money on printing and mailing checks for maybe $21.

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Road cuts predated budget troubles

Me too. Why am I paying for roads that I don't even drive on? I've never used the fire department or a hospital so why am I paying for them? Maybe other people use them more than me and my money helps pay for what they use but I don't care about those people. I'm also tired of my money going to things like Congress--who don't represent me, the military--which is now just a glorified killing machine, and to tax breaks for corporations--who honestly don't need them when they make billions per year.

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Commissioners concerned about e-mail from Wicked Broadband; WOW introduces faster Internet service; update on cable TV changes in Lawrence

Since when do you need a satellite dish for UVerse? I have UVerse (TV/Internet) and have no satellite dish.

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