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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

Even though health insurance is going to be available, it does not mean people will actually purchase it. An individual making $25,000 a year is barely making it as it is. Now they are going to spend over $100 a month and be covered by a minimal healthcare plan? Most people I've spoken with lower incomes are appreciative of the opportunity to have healthcare, but are worried they cannot afford the plans that are going to be available. Many are actually fearful of the penalty for not purchasing a plan they feel they cannot afford. All this speculation means little and it will take time to know how/if this system will work.

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Gold coins dropped in Salvation Army kettles

The Salvation Army does not discriminate, in any way, against LGBT or non-Christian clients. Any such accusations should be immediately reported to the Salvation Army office and we will be promptly investigate the matter. That being said, Just Food and Health Care Access are wonderful organizations doing amazing work and the Salvation Army would love to see those charities supported as well. - Barry Watts, Development Director for the Salvation Army of Douglas County

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Occupy Lawrence notifies city that some campers plan to stay in South Park despite warnings from city

"Irrelevant. Everyone breaks the law, get out of here with your holier than thou attitude."

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Occupy Lawrence notifies city that some campers plan to stay in South Park despite warnings from city

Go home, you are wasting your time. Those 20 just want to get arrested and make a big scene so they cry about the injustice of government and law enforcement... bla bla bla.

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More than a dozen sex offenders living in Kansas nursing homes

It has a lot of use for parents and leaders of organizations that work with kids. This is not grandstanding by politicians, but a true desire to help the community. You can disagree with it, but it has a lot of realistic use. The other option is to get rid of the registry and leave them in jail longer. Which is the more cruel and unusual punishment?

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PETA members provide unusual reminder about importance of spaying and neutering pets

Who cares what the message is, does anybody else think that a giant walking condom downtown is not appropriate? How do I explain this one to my young child?

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Revenue secretary eyes Kansas tax changes

That's why I am a true believer in the flat tax. You paid less than 5% when others paid almost 50%. Is that everyone paying their "fair share"? Set a percentage and everyone pays that without exceptions.

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Offensive term

"genderqueer" Which bathrooms are they permitted to use?

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Do you support a proposed law in the city of Lawrence that would afford protection to transgendered people?

What if I am born a white, caucasian male and yet I feel like I was born "in the wrong body". I feel like an African American... who am I? A caucasian or an African American?

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U.S. disbelief in climate change persists, deepens

I'm not too worried. We will either evolve or become extinct. It is how it has supposedly happened for millions of years. To the polar bears, I say the same thing. Evolve or become extinct. Survival of the fittest! (Evolutionary theory can be very depressing.)

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