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Tom Keegan: Football heading south under Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger

Still curious why a Bix XII school was not minimally able to hire at least an OC or a DC from a Power 5. Beaty deserves more time but lack of major experience may be catching up to him. Memphis was not pretty and I made the drive to watch in person?!?!

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Greatest ever? How does KU’s 109-106 win compare?

I would suggest the UCLA game with O'Bannon brothers has to be included in the list. That was so loud and overcame a huge halftime deficit.

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Matt Tait: Horejsi Center kind to KU

Of course 16,000 in AFH may have provided a little noise and emotional lift as well. Raise the bar and expand the fan base.

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Grateful hosts: Jayhawks happy to be at Horejsi

Very disappointed in decision to play games in Horejsi. Small and loud yes but missing a huge opportunity to expand your fan base long term. I have been promising my daughter for weeks we could go to AFH since we can never get a ticket for games in Horejsi. KU allocation probably won't even suffice for VB season ticket holders.

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Kansas football still a work in progress

Can someone please explain why the D gives a consistent 10 yard cushion even when it is 3rd and 5? Texas Tech will gain 400 yards on that cushion alone just like last year.

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Lineman Stowers finds right path at Kansas

So in otherwords, Kansas version of the "Blindside." Hopefully it all turns out well for Keon after such a rough start to life. We will be there cheering for him on Saturdays.

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KU signee Joel Embiid praised for defense at Jordan Classic

Who pays for these 'broke' kids to travel to these games?

I will refrain from commenting on the 6 to's by EJ.

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Notebook: Jayhawks call team meeting; Self closing in on 300th KU win

Your killing us Gary, how do you mention KU getting # 2,100 and not mention where UNC and UK rank? Especially with KU playing UNC today. It is very close and we hopefully gap UNC by at least 6 more this year.

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

Wow - taking credit for that turnaround is bold. Stats don't lie!! Ben and Jeff played back to their high standard and Tharpe is speeding up the game.

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Former player Greg Gurley settling into 'dream job' as KU radio analyst

I don't even bother rushing to car after home games anymore because interviews are so bad. As a matter of fact it is better to skip than be frustrated with listening.

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