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Kansas football still a work in progress

Can someone please explain why the D gives a consistent 10 yard cushion even when it is 3rd and 5? Texas Tech will gain 400 yards on that cushion alone just like last year.

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Lineman Stowers finds right path at Kansas

So in otherwords, Kansas version of the "Blindside." Hopefully it all turns out well for Keon after such a rough start to life. We will be there cheering for him on Saturdays.

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KU signee Joel Embiid praised for defense at Jordan Classic

Who pays for these 'broke' kids to travel to these games?

I will refrain from commenting on the 6 to's by EJ.

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Notebook: Jayhawks call team meeting; Self closing in on 300th KU win

Your killing us Gary, how do you mention KU getting # 2,100 and not mention where UNC and UK rank? Especially with KU playing UNC today. It is very close and we hopefully gap UNC by at least 6 more this year.

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

Wow - taking credit for that turnaround is bold. Stats don't lie!! Ben and Jeff played back to their high standard and Tharpe is speeding up the game.

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Former player Greg Gurley settling into 'dream job' as KU radio analyst

I don't even bother rushing to car after home games anymore because interviews are so bad. As a matter of fact it is better to skip than be frustrated with listening.

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Keegan: Dayne Crist’s miss costly

He is brutal so can't imagine how bad second string is if there is a huge gap in talent. No wonder he didn't play at Notre Dame. Kelly looks to be a very good coach and evaluator of talent.

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Thieving defense bright spot for KU

How many of the turnovers were unforced? I know the first one was just a bad snap and had nothing to due with a diabolical plan.

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They’re in! KU beats Mizzou, earns trip to tourney

We need to raise the bar and expectations. Nice to beat MU but our goal should be winning the league not scrambling to get the last spot.

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Tiger coach laments War’s end

If administrators at MU were as passionate about playing KU as Haith instead of being so greedy they would be able to play KU twice a year. This should never be about KU and always be about MU being greedy and selfish for leaving.

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