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Opinion: Malala shares eloquent message at U.N.

I have four daughters. When they used to complain about going to school, I told them of what the Taliban had done to girls and women in Afghanistan. When they first heard that girls were not allowed to read or attend school they were appalled (my girls are all bookworms!) I similarly pointed Malala's bravery out to one of them when she was whining that high school was "boring." (She is the same age as Malala.) So often in the US we hear complaints about our education system, and teachers and administrators are mocked, devalued and vilified in the media. We should all remember that there are young people like this brave girl, who would literally give their lives to have what we have, flawed as we may find it at times.

Don't forget to thank a teacher in a few weeks when you take your kids to enroll for this fall.

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KU football picked last in Big 12 media poll

Have fun proving them wrong, boys!

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Kansans to receive $4 million in insurance refunds under Affordable Care Act, White House reports

No, what Lynn is trying to say is that she wants EVERYONE "off the hook" from the healthcare bill that most Americans support. But Lynn and the other Kochers don't care what the elections say, they are just sure they are WAY smarter than the average American, and know what's best for us. You know, whatever helps them and their cronies make more money off the backs of everyone else.

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Dog being cared for at Humane Society after owner's body recovered from Kansas River

How sad - I met this man once when he was sitting out near the hardware store. My condolences to his family, I hope he has finally found peace.

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City Commission approves Rock Chalk Park

Dear Mr. Schumm,
18 months? Yes, there has been public commentary for 18 months. Tons of it. The only problem is, you guys didn't LISTEN to any of it. You know what is best for your consitutents - the Fritzels, that is, and you are gonna do what you are gonna do.

Since I don't live in Lawrence, I can just sit back and watch the soap opera unfold. But as a citizen of the USA I am appalled by the way you and your buddies on the commission have played fast-and-loose with taxpayer money and the bidding processes that have been put in place to protect citizens from graft and corruption.

Perhaps you and the other guys should go and read the Bible passage that talks about avoiding even the appearance of evil. If this project is so open, so honest, so above-board - why were you afraid to let it follow the normal bidding channels?

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Editorial: Budget balance

I am still so flabbergasted by the use of the phrase "taking it in the shorts" in this award-winning newspaper's editorial that I cannot muster any energy to make a comment about the other points being made in it.

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Advocates for those with developmental disabilities urge state to abandon proposal

Gotta hope the feds will say no. That's the only hope we have, because Brownie and Co. won't listen to anything that takes money-making potential away from their cronies.

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Local leaders dissect the Lawrence economy's challenges and opportunities

Not just the lack of decent-paying jobs, but also an extremely inflated housing market. It was only a generation ago that most people working blue-collar jobs could afford to buy a home in the town where they worked. Not so any longer. If you work blue-collar, you pay inflated rent. If you work white-collar, you may be able to buy here, but you have to drive an hour to KC to make enough money to pay for your house.

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Is there a specific item you’re looking for at the Sidewalk Sale?

Is it as disrespectful as our Olympic teams' uniforms, that were so plain you couldn't tell WHAT country they belonged to?

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Letter: Fireworks menace

Sorry, Liberty. I have this really bad habit called "common sense." :-)

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