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City to consider banning couches on porches

Not to mention it will eat through solid steel! Dangerous indeed!

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Menards files plans to add another 8 acres to development near 31st and Iowa

Too bad about the nice house and pond. I certainly wouldn't want to go from having lots of space to being squeezed between a Menard's and a new street.

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Editorial: Too poor?

Just so we're clear, the dumb donkey you refer to is actually an elephant - Gov. Sam Brownback.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

I think the difference is because the library program was privately funded by a donation from a wealthy family. This one is being paid for with tax dollars. Rich people can donate their money any way they want to.

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ACLU notifies Kobach of intention to file voting rights lawsuit

Because their system probably doesn't have a way for the DMV employee to indicate that they did. That would jibe with the entirely messed up stuff I've seen over there.

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Activity along O'Connell Road heats up with $15 million affordable housing project

It makes perfect sense that more affordable housing is needed. As corporations buy our government and unfettered wheeling and dealing on Wall Street and in real estate pushes home prices further and further away from what working families can afford, we will need places for people to live! Don't worry, I'm sure the rich landlords who don't have to pay income taxes on their LLC's will be sure to build some nice homes for the low-wage workers they will be exploiting in their other businesses. If they are feeling particularly friendly, they might even allow some of those politicians they bought to fund the SNAP program, so these folks and their kids can afford to eat. Don't worry about the price of gas, though. They won't need to drive, they can just walk to work over in the Toxic Chemical Industrial Park. Sounds like Utopia to me!

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Surprise lilies popping up as other flowers fade

I will never forget this conversation with my (then) husband a few years ago:
"You mowed off my surprise lilies!"
"I thought they were dead!"
"That's why they are called SURPRISE lilies!"
Mine were on my great-grandparents' old farmstead, where we lived at the time. These make beautiful cut flowers and will last several days in a vase.

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Prison parolee arrested in connection with robberies, crowbar attack at Lawrence pharmacy and pizza restaurant

Guess he missed his 3 hots and a cot. He doesn't look too unhappy about going back in. Glad no one was seriously hurt!

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