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Editorial: Fabulous fall

Obviously you haven't experienced a real Kansas autumn. Open your eyes!

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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

Saw these guys at the Lied center the Friday night after this - they were
AWESOME! But loud.

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

I don't doubt he's a qualified ATTORNEY. But from what I've read, he's never judged so much as a pie-eating contest. Putting a person with no judiciary experience on the appeals court is just plain irresponsible.

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Researchers hoping to overhaul 'special ed'

None of this will help if we don't make schools accountable for getting kids into special ed who need help. I have fought with my daughter's district for YEARS about getting her into SPED to accommodate her ADD issues. They have continued to deny her, stating that they can work outside the SPED system to help her. Thing is, when they don't follow through, I have no recourse.

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Middle schools modify 'standards based reporting' for 6th graders

WOW! Does this mean that some students might actually, for the first time in their lives, FAIL at something? It's good for them, and it's good for parents to be able to really grasp their children's performance. So they can be armed with information when they go to corner the teacher and defend their young 'uns from the consequences of their own actions.

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Letter: Guns in church

I find it sad that my brother told me, after a couple of the church shootings a few years back, that his wife's brother had been asked by the deacons of his church to carry his licensed, concealed gun during services. Just in case someone came to their church and started shooting.

However, I find this pastor's argument confusing. What, exactly, about posting a sign violates your Christian faith? Are you also opposed to No Parking signs? It's a specious argument and mostly troll-bait, I think.

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Lawrence students outperform state on ACT exams

SamCrow, the free lunch status is used as an indicator of poverty level, since that is the only available data that schools have to make such a determination. It has been amply demonstrated that students from poorer homes do not fare as well in testing as those in richer homes. This is due to many factors such as less parental engagement (not because parents don't care, but because they may be working two jobs to feed their kids) less access to technology, etc. Many poorer students also work themselves, giving them less time for study. These are not excuses, but valid reasons from a purely statistical standpoint, of why it is hard to do an apples-to-apples comparison between schools, classrooms, states, etc.

Your comment about healthcare outcomes is interesting. While there are disparities in health related to poverty as well, it is likely far easier to compare two patients who are both overweight and smoke and have heart attacks as it is to compare two very different students taking the same standardized test.

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East Lawrence power outage affects about 1,300 residents

Remember, kids, autosave is your friend!

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East Lawrence power outage affects about 1,300 residents

OH get over yourselves, people! For most of the east side (where my office is located) the outage was in effect for less than an hour. Westar got it fixed far ahead of the ETA they gave originally. Where is the outrage and the dummies at the construction company who caused this mess?

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Survey shows public skeptical about school testing, Common Core standards

They don't know what to expect a 4th grader to know in math, because Rush didn't tell them that.

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