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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

I was a sophomore in college getting ready for biology class. I had the radio on and thought it was a war of the worlds thing at first. My roommate decided we should turn on the TV and I am pretty sure we watched the 2nd plane hit live. We didn't know if we should go to class but we did anyway. I kept calling my sister to see if she had heard from her friends in NYC. Our professor tried to have class but people kept getting up to answer their phones or leave. I went to my next class and our professor let us leave. As I was walking down the hill to catch the bus, my mom called to tell me my little sister's best friend and her 2 sisters had been in a car accident, two of them died. I don't remember watching much TV coverage those days but no, I will never forget that day.

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Douglas County considers extending health benefits to domestic partners

I hope this happens. And, in order to add a 'domestic partner' at the state level, I would have had to sign a legal document. That meant if we broke up, it was a legal proceeding. Didn't sign that document and it's a good thing.

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Heard on the Hill: Seeking feedback on smaller degree programs; former journalism student earns Hearst award; longtime architect bids adieu to KU

I'd be interested to know which ones offer minors and how many of those are granted by each area. Also if in any of the areas there is a faculty member (or members) who specializes in that area, brings in national research money (or prestige) and will only remain at KU if they can continue to teach at least some courses in their area of discipline. Last one - how many students enroll in the various entry level courses in these areas to fulfill general education requirements or other degree requirementst (such as physics - not everyone is a major, but how many students at KU take at least one physics course). I think it is valuable to have degree programs in those areas so as to strengthen the general course work required by other degrees.

Thanks. I think it is a worthy story.

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Lawrence employees to receive longevity bonuses, but city aims to reduce overtime pay in 2011

Go to the state system. Vacation and sick don't count. If you have to work a holiday it counts for comp time. Comp time is banked on a 1.5 times regular hours up to 90 hours. Any balance above must be paid out and if an employee leaves, must be paid out by the department. Can't believe they can earn OT without physically working more than 40 hours a week - what an abuse of the system. And the state system is in the week, not the day. It allows for a very flexible schedule in positions where nights and weekends are required.

my two go away rain!

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Turf war developing between KU, Emporia State over offering classes at JCCC

Three things. First - the complaints about online classes. There are other state university who are less friendly than KU (cough - WSU - cough). Also, there are those who firmly believe a student must be in a classroom to receive quality instruction. Students I know take online classes because they are "easier" than the ones they actually have to go to a physical classroom to attend.
Second - the state university system is set up to make sure there is not a saturation of offerings in certain areas. It does not make sense to spend state dollars to have two state schools offer the same educational programs in the same geographical area.
Third - KU does need to work on their transfer relations and develop more 2 + 2 agreements with local community colleges. They are missing out on valuable opportunities to gain students and educate Kansans. The key to the 2 + 2 programs are that the CC and the University have to agree on curriculum. And that can be a challenge when facilities and resources are not equal. But it is definitely an area KU should look to grow in the near future.

My two cents (or three I guess).

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Prayers answered: Steven Johnson’s strenuous journey leads to rewarding opportunity to start at linebacker for KU

What a great story of hard work and perseverance. Why does it matter where this young man found the strength and will to work for his goals and find success? Seriously didn't your mom teach you if you can't say something nice to not say anything at all?

Good luck this season Steven.

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Performers to entertain on Downtown Lawrence streets during this week's Busker Fest

wow what a bunch of grumps! This event is great cheap family entertainment. We had a blast last year and my neice and nephew enjoy all of the performers. Get over yourselves and have a little fun. Geez!

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Historic private Lawrence swimming club struggling to open this season

I went here everyday of every summer visit for most of my elementary years. Such a great place. Made life long friends and have so many memories. I hope to make it out to the garage sale to show support. Hope others do to.

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KU athletic department records third-highest GPA in school history

Don't forget that Student-Athletes miss far more classes then the 'average' students making in much more difficult for them to remain caught up in classes. They also have more tutoring resources and have their time managed for them which helps balance that out. I think they have plenty to be proud of with these averages. I don't think they are "really falling short of the rest of the student body" considering the obstacles they face when traveling and practicing as they do.

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