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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of raping 15-year-old girl

I think we are all intelligent enough to understand what the statement "no physical injuries were reported" actually means in this case. It answers a question I was wondering while reading the article. No one is implying that victim is unharmed physically. It is a way of expressing that the victim was not beaten, stabbed, etc.

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Cab driver alleges Eudora police officer injured her during ride to strip club

first time I laughed today. :-)

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Have you performed an act of kindness today?

1. gave someone a ride. 2. fed the dog. 3. didn't object when i found out the in laws are coming for a visit...

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What was your favorite childhood activity?

swimming, sports, hide and seek, and bikes!

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How many phone numbers do you actually know?

four. all family members

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Does your employer offer programs to encourage a healthy lifestyle?

First. Yes--discount fitness classes, prizes, etc

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What is your favorite form of art?


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What’s the first thing you notice that lets you know students are back in town?

all the old bobs sniffing around our law school

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How many police officers do you think the city of Lawrence should add to its ranks?

build a wall between Topeka and Lawrence and we won't need new officers. The Great Wall of Lawrence...

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