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Trash day to change for many Lawrence residents as city prepares for curbside recycling

Why don't you want to recycle? If you're going to be charged for it, anyhow, you might as well. If it's done the way it is in Topeka it will be pretty simple: A list of accepted items is posted on the cart, you put the items in the cart, you put it at the sidewalk, you're done. At worst you might need to rinse out soda cans, milk jugs, and the like. But there's not the fussing with separating glass and plastic and paper and all - that's done on the recycler's end (provides jobs, you know). If it's something they don't accept, you can toss it in your normal trash or take it to a recycling center that does take it.

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Drone legislation takes off in Kansas Senate

When these topics come up, one question comes to mind: What are you doing that you think the gov't wants to see?

Everyday Joe is not that interesting to them and they have better things to do than peep on your sex life. If you're doing something illegal and they catch you, well, that's kinda the point. But realistically they're probably only spying on people they have prior terror-related intelligence on, so if you're dealing weed from your living room, relax and put on your tinfoil hat - the drones aren't after you.

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Financial literacy bill approved by Kansas House

I remember sixth grade math going over how to write checks and keep a ledger. The ledger was a year-long project with a goal of being the first to earn/save a million "dollars". I forget what we used for currency (points from homework, maybe). At the end of the year the teacher had an auctioneer come in and we bought items (pictures cut from magazines) with checks. It was a fun way to learn some basic money management skills at that age.

In high school I took a class (Life Skills, I think it was called) that went over how to write a resume, be interviewed, what to wear for a job interview, some budgeting things, how to sew a button, and some simple cooking skills. I think there were a few parenting tips as well (along the lines of: remember, this will have to be done if you have kids, so think about it first!). Unfortunately it was an elective class, not a mandatory class - more kids could probably have benefited from it.

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Downtown may become home to outdoor fitness center; new central Lawrence trail may open by April

Speaking of park related grants:

Has the city ever looked into playground canopys/shade structures? (see for more info)

I was at South Park with my daughter and niece one afternoon last September and the equipment was so hot they couldn't really play on it much. There are several playgrounds around town that could use shade structures over the equipment, resulting in more use on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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KU unveils 10-year master plan for Lawrence campus

Is part of the 19th & Iowa/Stouffer Green plans serious updates to the Stouffer Place apartments? Every time I drive by, I feel bad for those families - the area looks like a series of low-rent motels. I think some of the interiors were updated a few years ago, but it seems like the whole area needs an overhaul.

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The David Guth of Wisconsin

I would say that the Wisconsin prof's email was very ill-advised and rightly professionally condemned: Her commentary was related to her work and shouldn't have mentioned a political party as she obviously had no idea of the political make-up of her class. No different than if she'd sent out an email denigrating a religion, race, or gender to her class. (And while Guth's tweet was ill-advised, it was not related to his work and should not have resulted in professional condemnation. If he'd put that in an email to his class, then he'd have been rightfully professionally condemned.)

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El Sol Mexican restaurant opens in West Lawrence; update on chamber CEO search

Except that the El Mez at 9th & Iowa is now signed as Pueblo...with El Mez furniture and food. I was very confused about what is going on there.

I figured Pueblo and El Sol changes were related to the illegal employee troubles El Mez had in Ottawa(?) over the summer.

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El Sol Mexican restaurant opens in West Lawrence; update on chamber CEO search

Bambino's food also seemed to go downhill after the move - I was excited when they moved since they were closer to me, but when I ate there, all of the pasta was soggy and the sauces were watery. Seemed ripe for visit from Robert Irvine.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

RS: I would argue that in reality it is impossible for gay people to be truly married since God alone can truly join people together and make them one. What the laws of the nation say, on the other hand, may be different, but the laws of the land cannot make two people one as God does. So it is not just that they should never get married, but they CANNOT ever get married in the most real sense of the term.

Me: I would point out that same-sex couples aren't asking for God to sanction them, but rather for the government to sanction them, which - if one is using religion as a measuring stick for who should or shouldn't get married - is a reasonable request since the government doesn't care about religious beliefs when issuing a marriage license. (A demonstrable fact as, again, atheists and other non-Christians are allowed to marry. As I recall, it's not even a question on the application.)

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

RS: Notice that you have made yourself the standard by which you are judging by as well as your desires the standard for marriage. The problem for you is that God alone has the right to do those things.

Me: Is there any other way to go about it? I can hardly judge life by somebody else's standards. For that matter, I can hardly judge life by God's standards since, ya know, I don't believe God exists.

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