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Editorial: Power balance

Since the state constitution spells out reasons for impeachment, shouldn't this have to be introduced as an amendment to the state constitution since they are adding items and not just clarifying what "treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors" mean? And in turn wouldn't that require it to pass on a public vote? (Though sadly, in Kansas, only a simple majority of voters have to say yes...)

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Murder trial: McLinn describes killing Sasko in police interview

Thanks, Bob - that clears up my confusion.

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Murder trial: McLinn describes killing Sasko in police interview

Questions: is the defense her attorney using different than not guilty by reason of insanity? I was looking it up for more info and everything I found says Kansas abolished the insanity defense. So if that's the case, how is her attorney able to invoke it under a different moniker?

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Opinion: Poverty a social, not economic, issue

So to sum up this article:

Well-off white man is discussing impoverished black people*.

I can see where he totally knows what he is talking about.

*Based on the fact that he's talking about a 50 year old study of black families rather than anything recent and based on multiple cultures living in poverty or the fact that, percentage-of-their-respective-populations wise, white people are about on par with black people for welfare benefits, and outpace black people in terms of raw numbers. The only part of the article that's roughly any good is the opening paragraph where the guy noted a rise in the number of working people on welfare...but then totally misconstrued the whys and wherefores of it because again, in a not at all startling parallel, well-off white guy in the 60s talking about impoverished black people in the 60s.

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Editorial: Big incentives

So... They're seeking a tax rebate from the school district? That's when they get some money back for taxes they do pay, right? ... Why would or should the school district agree to give them money for a project that has little or no benefit to them? Will the Eldridge be opening it's rooms as extra classrooms? Or providing lunches for the schools? That seems like an odd thing to request on any project that does not have an obvious benefit to the school district - where's the quid pro quo?

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Defense wins right to psychological report at trial in slaying of CiCi's Pizza owner

Even if she does have issues, the article covering the preliminary hearing indicates she told police part of the reason she killed him was simply that she wanted to see somebody die, which, if true, would make her a clear threat to others regardless of anything that occurred between her and Mr. Sasko. Mental hospital if she's got problems, but just letting her go free? That's kind of a terrifying prospect.

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New two-lane Wakarusa roundabout may be a little confusing at first, but it's safer, city official says

I was skeptical at first as to how well it would work for that intersection, but having driven through it several times per week since it opened, I really do like it. It also helps that it is multi-lane since, to me, they are easier to navigate than the single lane rounds, there's more room for traffic to get through without everybody having to wait and wait and wait. Plus the single lane rounds tend to be smaller, which makes them more annoying, if you ask me - an irritating bump out that I have to get through (like the one at Monterey and Harvard, and all those little ones along Harvard - they may be safe, but yeah, they really don't improve one's opinion of roundabouts in general).

Anyhow, all in all I'm happy to have one less full stop that I have to make between 6th and 15th on Wakarusa. Getting up to speed then having to slow down and stop every block was really irritating.

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'I'm a Kansas Guy': Thousands greet Obama during KU visit

The President really needs to listen to Brownback - the gov. is an expert on deficits eating up our kids' lunches.

... Shut up, Governor.

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A Mexican restaurant on 23rd Street, more signs that Port Fonda coming to Lawrence, an Old Chicago rumor and other restaurant news

If it's the same Pancho's as is in Topeka, color me excited - their chicken chimichanga is one of my favorite foods, and big enough to share between two people, which is nice when you want Mexican on a budget.

Sadly, Sarah, there's not much hope for Taco Grande: It's my understanding that they finally sold off the last one out in Hays and all the recipes sometime last year. I would've snatched them up in a heartbeat if I could have afforded it - that place was my first job and I and my folks all got addicted. The closest I can get to the chicken nachos supreme is the chicken taco salad at Taco John's with a cup of nacho cheese dumped on it. Nobody has a good substitute for the hot sauce, though, which was made in house but always made before my shifts started.

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Letter: Not 'marriage'

Let's make this easier: Do away with the marriage/sex dichotomy. Then if two guys or two women get married, it doesn't matter if they are homosexual or heterosexual because marriage wouldn't be tied to sexuality. If two people are getting married because they have sex with each other, they've got the wrong outlook on marriage to start with.

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