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Lawrence-based fundraising company buys building to accommodate expansion; Minuteman Press moving to east side; Sixth Street to get another traffic signal

That will actually be a really helpful spot for a light. There's really no traffic control between Folks and Wakarusa but a lot of traffic going in and out of those businesses.

Now if they could do something about the intersection at Folks and Overland. It's difficult to make a left onto Folks from Overland most of the time, and is especially difficult when school traffic is incoming or outgoing, or if there is something going on at the school or the theatre (which does not have nearly enough parking - how did they manage that?). Graduation weekend you're better off staying home if you can't avoid the area. It needs to be a three-way stop at the very least.

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Kansas Senate panel approves bill to revive KCK racing park

I'd think there are plenty of gamblers around to support multiple gambling places.

I've never quite understood the state's reluctance to allow more casinos and slots. It seems like it could be a steady revenue stream and an avenue to draw more tourists. If such places can turn the Nevada desert into a tourist attraction, surely the grassy plains of Kansas could fare as well. (Not better, though - I don't think our prairies can beat out the double-draw of gambling and legal prostitution.)

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Amid budget crisis, some Kansas lawmakers question benefits of tax cuts

What I'm reminded of here are discussions with my daughter that go like this:

Me: Kiddo, you need to clean up this mess you made.
Kiddo: I didn't make a mess! (or: I didn't make a mess, I [did something creative]!)
Me: ... Clean it up anyhow.

And then she has a tantrum about cleaning up the mess.

Unfortunately, I don't think telling the legislature I'm going to count to five and then they'll go in time out will get them to clean up their mess like it does with my daughter.

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Kansas GOP leaders quietly molding tax plan

Sometimes, I pick up my keyboard and hit myself in the face. It feels better than thinking about the state budget and the republican excuses for it.

They accuse democrats of being "tax and spend", but at least the democrats understand that you have to have tax income in order to spend on anything, even if you could trim the budget to only constitutional obligations, and you can't just pull money out of thin air.

And why do they not understand that if they raise sales taxes, people will buy fewer things across most income levels? Stores don't lower the prices of their goods to balance out an increase in sales tax, and employers don't give raises to compensate for it, either.

And then they want to play the sales tax off like it's fair because everybody has to pay it? Well, in theory, we should all be having to pay taxes on our personal income, but they think it's ok to let a certain segment of the population out of that one, so they can stick what they think is "fair" in a pipe and smoke it.

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Editorial: Power balance

Since the state constitution spells out reasons for impeachment, shouldn't this have to be introduced as an amendment to the state constitution since they are adding items and not just clarifying what "treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors" mean? And in turn wouldn't that require it to pass on a public vote? (Though sadly, in Kansas, only a simple majority of voters have to say yes...)

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Murder trial: McLinn describes killing Sasko in police interview

Thanks, Bob - that clears up my confusion.

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Murder trial: McLinn describes killing Sasko in police interview

Questions: is the defense her attorney using different than not guilty by reason of insanity? I was looking it up for more info and everything I found says Kansas abolished the insanity defense. So if that's the case, how is her attorney able to invoke it under a different moniker?

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Opinion: Poverty a social, not economic, issue

So to sum up this article:

Well-off white man is discussing impoverished black people*.

I can see where he totally knows what he is talking about.

*Based on the fact that he's talking about a 50 year old study of black families rather than anything recent and based on multiple cultures living in poverty or the fact that, percentage-of-their-respective-populations wise, white people are about on par with black people for welfare benefits, and outpace black people in terms of raw numbers. The only part of the article that's roughly any good is the opening paragraph where the guy noted a rise in the number of working people on welfare...but then totally misconstrued the whys and wherefores of it because again, in a not at all startling parallel, well-off white guy in the 60s talking about impoverished black people in the 60s.

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Editorial: Big incentives

So... They're seeking a tax rebate from the school district? That's when they get some money back for taxes they do pay, right? ... Why would or should the school district agree to give them money for a project that has little or no benefit to them? Will the Eldridge be opening it's rooms as extra classrooms? Or providing lunches for the schools? That seems like an odd thing to request on any project that does not have an obvious benefit to the school district - where's the quid pro quo?

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Defense wins right to psychological report at trial in slaying of CiCi's Pizza owner

Even if she does have issues, the article covering the preliminary hearing indicates she told police part of the reason she killed him was simply that she wanted to see somebody die, which, if true, would make her a clear threat to others regardless of anything that occurred between her and Mr. Sasko. Mental hospital if she's got problems, but just letting her go free? That's kind of a terrifying prospect.

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