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Letter: Not 'marriage'

Let's make this easier: Do away with the marriage/sex dichotomy. Then if two guys or two women get married, it doesn't matter if they are homosexual or heterosexual because marriage wouldn't be tied to sexuality. If two people are getting married because they have sex with each other, they've got the wrong outlook on marriage to start with.

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Letter: Not 'marriage'

To the extent that children are involved, I don't believe in no fault divorce as it currently stands: one should not be able to wake up one day and announce the intention to tear the family apart without showing that serious work has been done to maintain the marriage.

That said, no-fault divorce would probably not exist or at least be far less prevalent if we did not insist on marriage (in any context) as the be-all, end-all of human relationships, especially when - as a whole - society does not encourage methods to make sure those two people are compatible for a life-time together such as pre-marital living arrangements (never mind pre-marital sex). If two people date for a year or two (hopefully) but spend no time living together, they are almost being set up for failure when after five years of living together they realize they can't stand each other.

And let's not forget all the kids who are told not to have sex until marriage, so they get married before they are ready for that kind of commitment just to have sex. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen. Nor forget the kids who have sex but were mostly taught abstinence until marriage rather than safe sex and the girls whose parents wouldn't get them birth control because "sex is wrong", get pregnant, and get married because "that's what you do".

So maybe instead of blaming same-sex marriage (and actually, I don't care if the people are gay or hetero in a same-sex marriage since I don't care whether or not married people are having sex) or no-fault divorce, we should take a hard look at the pedestals marriage and life-long expectations are on to start with.

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Kansas, two other states deny gay marriage despite appellate rulings

Woohoo - let's spend time and money on a lost cause with a pre-determined outcome! That makes sense to do!

What a bunch of nitwits.

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Ex-DA slams Brownback ad using Wichita murders

Hm... Maybe if Brownback hadn't tinkered with the judicial system, he wouldn't have to worry about who gets appointed if he loses. Hurts when things bite you in the butt.

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Wichita senators seek to eliminate food sales tax

If it works the way most of these work, then there are still plenty of non-food groceries people purchase that would be taxed: Toilet paper, diapers and other non-food baby goods, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, OTC meds, windshield wiper fluid, motor oil, paper towels, trash bags, laundry detergent, light bulbs, Scotch tape...and so on. They don't seem to have cut those out of the taxes generated by groceries, at least it's not noted in this article or the Wichita Eagle article.

I'd be curious to see the numbers with actual food purchases separated out from non-food grocery purchases - still a significant dip in revenue, but without the separation, it's kind of like saying the city would lose 100% of traffic ticket income if they stopped ticketing for running stop signs.

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Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses after first wedding performed

Then only reference I can find where Jesus says something about marriage where it isn't a parable is in response to a question about divorce, and then he quotes Genesis, but it is illustrative about marriage and divorce, not instructive as to who can marry.

I also think a lot of UU and Unity would be surprised to find out they aren't Christian...

In any case, I believe a judge can choose not to enforce a law, particularly one that is being overturned left and right elsewhere as unconstitutional - if by no other means than recusing him/herself from any case requesting enforcement - but I'm not so sure that a judge can instruct others not to follow it, and that's where this one may have overstepped.

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Opinion: Kansas race has national impact

I'm all for term limits and getting career politicians (especially residents in name only) out of office, and he seems like he's probably a likeable guy, but the I'll-side-with-the-majority thing... I dunno. I'd rather he consistently say that he'll side with whichever side he thought was right (less wrong?) on any given issue regardless of which party is in control (or will win the argument). (For all intents and purposes, if the guy is being pressured to choose who he'll caucus with, regardless of how he may or may not vote, he's being pressured to choose sides.)

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Burger King begins work to reopen on Sixth Street; Menards receives building permit from city; large apartment project near KU lacks financing

Guys, he's totally only going to rent to single, celibate parents with kids under the age of 16 - there's no worry about parking spaces!

... Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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Opinion: Spanking not necessarily child abuse

One of the few Pitts articles I don't agree with.

One, to hear the tale, Peterson whipped the kid 40 times, left welts, hit on genitals, etc - it was clearly abuse.

Two, my standard for discipline: If somebody did this to me as an adult, would I be calling the police to file charges? If somebody - say my boss - were to use physical discipline on me such as spanking, switching, or paddling, you betcha, I'd be filing assault charges.

The question, then, is: If it's assault when it happens to an adult, why are we ok with it when it happens to children?

Here's how I handle my kid without hitting: If she's acting up in a public place, we leave. If she doesn't mind, she sits in time out. If she ignores time out, she loses privileges and choices, and that really seems to stick in her craw.

And yes, I was spanked on occasion as a youngster; yes, I did turn out fine; no, that does not justify me spanking my kid.

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Trash day to change for many Lawrence residents as city prepares for curbside recycling

Why don't you want to recycle? If you're going to be charged for it, anyhow, you might as well. If it's done the way it is in Topeka it will be pretty simple: A list of accepted items is posted on the cart, you put the items in the cart, you put it at the sidewalk, you're done. At worst you might need to rinse out soda cans, milk jugs, and the like. But there's not the fussing with separating glass and plastic and paper and all - that's done on the recycler's end (provides jobs, you know). If it's something they don't accept, you can toss it in your normal trash or take it to a recycling center that does take it.

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