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Reconstruction of Kasold Drive to begin this week

I wouldn't haven't minded a roundabout at Harvard - the intersection is large enough and I rather like the one at Wakarusa and Inverness - but a light works, too. I'm surprised it's taken at least how many? decades to put one in, though.

10 months of road work, though... ich. Here's hoping for good weather to speed things along.

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Fast-food hamburger restaurant, with a Mexican twist, coming to 23rd Street

Downfall of LJS/A&W: They were SLOW!! And they weren't keeping up with upkeep. The last few times we were there it took a good 20 minutes to get our food (at a fast food place!), and the very last time we were there - about four months ago, maybe? - the ladies' room had a shower curtain in place of one of the bathroom doors *and* the bathroom stank.

Whoever owned that franchise location ran it into the ground.

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Kansans who install solar panels may soon pay higher electric bills

I feel the phrase "unmitigated gall" applies to Westar here.

I could see saying that people with DG systems would still need to pay their maintenance share, but saying that they have to pay MORE than other customers is ridiculous. It's a bald-faced attempt to kill what I'm sure Westar sees as competition.

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Kansas and middle America still a puzzle for national Democrats

"I can tell you, there is a debate going on at the national level," said Chris Reeves, Kansas Democratic Party national committeeman. "It's between the 'purists' – like those who supported Bernie Sanders – who don’t feel like compromising on anything, and others who want to reach out to rural voters."

I'm not entirely sure this is a correct representation of the situation considering that rural democrats edged toward Bernie. Based on the first round primary results ( overlaid with what would/could be be considered rural states (, 9 of the 15 most rural states (greater than 50% population in rural areas) went to Sanders, and 9 of the 20 more moderate rural states (28.8-49.9% population in rural areas) went to Sanders, giving him 18 of 35 rural states.

It would seem the "purists" appeal to rural democrats just as much as, if not a little more than (or somewhat significantly more than if you only look at the > 50% states), establishment democrats, and if establishment democrats can't learn that lesson - that they need to take the "Bernie voters" seriously rather than brushing them off or blaming them for Clinton's loss - they're going to have a mountain of trouble keeping the party whole.

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Judge stands by ruling that Kobach can't encumber voting in Kansas elections

"Two weeks after that decision, Brian Newby, the new executive director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, added a documentary citizenship requirement on the national voter registration form for residents of Kansas, Georgia and Alabama. Newby unilaterally changed the national form without approval from the agency's commissioners."

He still has a job how? Did it at least say, "If you're a resident of [state], you must provide .... in order to vote in state and local elections"? Not that it would make the action ok, but it would at least mitigate the urge to tar and feather the guy.

Kobach and his buddies are beyond belief.

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Kansas Senate panel puts brakes on KU Central District project

Dear Arpke,

1) You're the rep from Salina but you don't take the Salina paper? That's shameful. How do you keep up with current events and concerns for the place you represent?

2) Don't be lazy:

3) You don't have to "take the paper" in order to, you know, go on the world wide web and read the Journal World ( or the Topeka Capital Journal ( or the Wichita Eagle ( or the KC Star ( or the Salina Journal (

You really are awful at this game.

Everybody Else

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Editorial: Veto threat

What they need to do is see if they have enough votes to override a veto, then get to work salvaging what remains of our state's finances.

They need to think of it this way: They pass a good budget, they look good; the governor vetoes it, he looks bad to the people but to whoever his buddies are that he's trying to impress he's standing up for his principles; the legislature overrides the veto, they look even better and the governor gets to play sad puppy to his buddies. They all ... win?

In any case, in the upcoming session maybe they should start working on the budget first thing and put everything else - which is usually stuff that seems like a waste of time, anyhow - on the back burner until it's done.

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Kansas behind most states in not streaming Statehouse events

I'd like to see their numbers. The initial cost of equipment might be high depending on what equipment they get, but it wouldn't be close to two million dollars. You can stream over YouTube for little or no cost, so I'm interested to see what method they're looking at for streaming. And how much does somebody have to be paid to make sure it's up and running at conference time - even if it had to be babysat, it seems like something a tech savvy intern could do.

I sense smoke being blown, if not by the legislators then definitely by whoever they're getting their quotes for equipment and services from.

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Your Turn: Technology not transforming education

I suspect this is largely due to a basic lack of teaching about how to use computers, both the mechanics of it and how to use the programs in a way to get better results. Sitting a kid down to play a learning game is all well and good, but if that's all we're going to teach them about using a computer, you may as well stick with flash cards. The older students need to be taught how to use computers not just for research papers but also to learn more about topics beyond what is in (sometimes questionable I'm-looking-at-you-Texas) text books. And there is a whole world of artistic tools and inspiration out there for kids to discover if people can get over their fear of the internet (still raging in 2015).

Honestly, I put much of it down to the number of people my age (which is sad because I'm only in my mid-30s) and older who don't know how to use a computer who can't then teach our/their children how to use a computer. I have had to walk so many people who are parents and teachers of all ages through the basics of using a website or a web browser that I can't be surprised any more when I meet 18 year olds who can't figure out how to check their email. I think we as a society have an image in our minds of ourselves as techno masters, but I think the reality is that a large swath of us can still barely figure out how to play solitaire on our computers.

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Kansas elections chief files 3 criminal cases under new law

But the real question is: Are they illegal immigrants? Because I thought that's who he was trying to stop from voting illegally. If they're not, I'm still going to have to count his success rate as 0.

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