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The Oread hotel falls victim to vandals

c'mon! did the vandals take the handles?

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George Harrison - The Spiritual Beatle

McT correct. got it. there was never a number 2, the attendant disc is live stuff and some music with an empty chair for roy orbison who died after the first record. it was george's band. it's available.

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Lawrence, The Way It Was

the pool at 6th and Florida was originally the municipal pool. it was closed and privatized when they were going to have to integrate about 1957.

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Lawrence, The Way It Was

i think one or those places was the chuck wagon cafe owned by the dobbins family. hauled bales for them too long ago to imagine and they fed us there.
this stuff is great!

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Lawrence, The Way It Was

later for the rest. for years the rock chalk was the oldest restaurant still on location in lawrence. now they want to tear it down. ok. the dynamite, the southern pit. chuck's beer place. edith's. mark dowell. nick rice.

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War criminals

hate it.
lost the right side where most discussions were listed.
the size of the screen is 1/3 larger than my computer screen.
please, go back!

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It's confirmed: Bush is coming to Kansas

who pays for bush to come here?

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Crime bill rears its head as race heats up

we could ask the question, are we less safe because of sb323? the answer is no. i am quite familiar with this bill and its ramifications. question two, are we less safe because of the tax cuts that have removed the programs from the prisons? YOU BETCHA!
morrison didn't make that law. he just helped draft it. the majority of the legislature thought it was ok. the governor signed it.
of course, philllll knows better.
i hope y'all vote.

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Water crisis demands attention

when i was much younger, i drove with my father to larned. as we pulled in to town, i saw big bundles of pipes in a field. lotta this stuff. i said: 'dad, are those weapons of mass destruction' ? and he said, "no, those are irrigation pipes". this was 1953. we have grown irrigated crops between salina and denver for half a century. i've seen irrigation systems spraying groundwater into the air when it's 110 degrees and less than 15% hits the ground. a lot of what lands is the unfiltered minerals. salt. now many fields there have a crust of this stuff.
we must not start trying to produce corn for ethanol out there. ethanol is a false promise. it takes more to produce it than it takes to pump and refine gas. and there is not enough water to support that endeavor.
those pipes represent mass destruction of our land.

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Rush to judgment

There are national models for intervention in these situations. CIT...Crisis Intervention Teams....the most popular may be the Memphis Model. Google it up. Officers are trained to take care of situations like this. These trained interventions don't always work out ok, but often they do. Our police department recently was in the paper about an 8-hour training. Not enough. We need CIT training and a Citizens' Review Board. Not to criticize the police but to provide support and a link to the community. There are also national models for these boards. They do not have to be adverserial to the Departments goals and Olin should welcome this support.

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