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Have you ever read a book that's been banned?

Yes, I've read a banned book. I've read the Bible over and over again!

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Area schools explore best safeguards for concussed athletes

Lawrence Memorial Hospital has 2 local physicians (at this time) certified to conduct the imPact testing for student athletes. Daniel Dickerson, MD, Phd, Eudora Family Care was the first to become certified in this area and Thomas Marcellino, MD, Mt Oread Family Medicine soon followed.

Because LMH recognizes the importance of the baseline test in accurately predicting when an injured student's brain is ready to return to play, Daniel Dickerson and Adam Rolf, PT proposed they cover the additional cost of administering the test, resulting in both Lawrence and Eudora School Districts will begin providing the baseline test this fall to all high school athletes in association with their sports physicals.

In addition, this simple 30 minute computerized baseline test, is available for individuals by calling Mt. Oread Family Practice at 785.842.5070 or at Eudora Family Care 785.542.2345 for as little as $25.

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New librarian hired for Eudora

johndeere: West Elementary is not sitting empty. It is very actively being used! This building is currently leased to: the Greenbush Resource Center (Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, for educators) and the Community Learning Center (Adult High School Diploma center) Combine this with community activities in the gymnasium this building is bustling with activity almost every day.

As for Nottingham: In cooperation with the Eudora city council, the school board adopted a long-range plan for the 14th and Church properties, with the goal of selling all or most of that land to a commercial developer. Until this property sells, Nottingham is being leased with the city and community for use of the gym and cafeteria. Which includes an extension of the Library I believe. Eudora could use a larger Library facility that is equipped with the electronic needs of today, because, library's are so much MORE than paper books. AND there is nothing that can take the place of reading out of a book.... and for no other reason than, everyone deserves the opportunity to experience that feeling!

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Federal officers make drug arrests in Douglas, Johnson counties; eight suspects are from Lawrence

kef104 I think that's cool! Thanks for this information!

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Very excited to see this! I'm working with no other way to get out and decided to look online! Thanks Dave Klamet!

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LMH employees chip in for mutual aid

I remember very well, before Kathy Clausing Willis joined the LMH family, we would have several different departments holding fundraisers for different co-workers at the same time. It was frustrating at the unequal distribution due to something as simple as a limited sized department, an off shift or simply poor communication within the organization.

The Care Fund was one of the first things Kathy initiated. I credit her with its initiation, and I agree with her, its success has come through the teams who have worked to distribute and improve the original concept!

Just one more reason, LMH is the best place to work!

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First-responder proves her mettle in life-and-death crises

I so admire Mary Tye! One of my favorite people! How she continues to give and give and NEVER comfortable receiving! Mary has more energy than 3 twenty year olds all wrapped up in one, yet she is always cool and collected! She is the embodiment of the Proverbs 31 woman. Congratulations Mary!

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City to consider North Lawrence boardwalk development plans

I like the idea of a boardwalk development along the river. If built with the same ambiance as the visitors center and as an extension of downtown I believe it could really be a win/win. It could enhance what we have here, make it more enticing to the tourist/bed & breakfast trade. But of course parking/traffic would continue to be an issue...

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Lawrence middle school educator earns Kansas Master Teacher honor

Too few of our outstanding teachers in this region get recognized for the innovative ideas they use to engage our students! It is always nice to see excellence rewarded. Congratulations Ms Metz for achieving such an honor!

Throughout the years I have had the privilege to witness first hand the struggles and successes of many of our area teachers. As a Para in Eudora some 25 years ago, (witnessing hallway collaboration between teachers struggling to connect to individual students) to teaching Junior Achievement work-readiness & entrepreneurship in Pinckney Elementary School to now serving my second term on the Eudora School Board, I continue to be amazed at the passion many of our teachers have for their "kiddos". I would be interested in reading about some of the creative methods used by teachers throughout our area districts.

*For instance Kendra's incorporating Italian Restaurant Day into the curriculum, a project where students would learn about applying for jobs, making pasta and serving customers.
*EHS math teacher Scott Keltner's work that spearheaded Eudora's wind turbine project.
*Eudora Schools first ever Kansas Horizon Award winner, April Peavey's Prefix Salad, Suffex Pizza, and Root Word Root Beer during a word structure unit or turning her students into "molecules" during a science unit study on states of matter.

These are only snippets of creativity that teachers use everyday in our classrooms. How much fun would it be to have a regular feature story sharing/celebrating the "jewels" we have in our education system? I'm frankly tired of hearing about the problems. I would LOVE to know more about the successes and the creativity I believe is just oozing out of our buildings!

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Sound Off: I have not received a phone book for the past two years. Is there a phone number to call

You can have mine! Haven't used a phone book in probably 2 years!

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