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County to renew contract with tow truck operators

Why take a chance? If I need a tow I ALWAYS ask for Hillcrest Wrecker! Upstanding, compassionate & trustworthy ownership trickles down to their drivers... clean, courteous and responsible... a loyal customer for over 30 years!

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital agrees to be part of health information network

In an article in the Kansas Medical Society it states: "Since Kansas is an opt-out state patients are included in the health information exchange unless they take proactive action to contact KHIE and opt themselves out. Now one year later, after a media campaign and significant press coverage only 320 patients have opted out. For more information on KHIN, visit or contact Laura McCrary at"

But know, if you are traveling and become ill, it could take some time for the hospital you are in to access your medical history, and in many emergent

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Event honors 'everyday heroes'

Congratulations going out to all the winners! Well deserved honors to some amazing community minded people! And I'm so proud of Taylor! It is rare to see a teenager as dedicated and responsible as she is. And what would Health Care Access do without Susan Stuever? They are truly blessed to have such dedicated

The shining star in MY book? Joanne Hurst! Her "love affair" with LMH is reciprocal! Joanne is a breath of fresh air every time she walks in the door! I have never met a more intelligent, willing, dedicated or caring person in my life! She would never acknowledge it, but she is a mentor and a role model. She is my hero! If I become 1/2 the woman she is I would feel truly accomplished in life! Congratulations Joanne!

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Will of KU benefactor Elizabeth Watkins, dead since 1939, provides twist in student health center changes

Personally, I believe, if she were here, she would be the first to say, "We need to fix this system!" and back it up with seed money and common sense solutions!

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LMH takes precautions against spreading flu

autie: your friend is correct. AND that is why LMH has been promoting proper hand hygiene to staff, patients, and most importantly children, for as long as 20 years!

In fact, along with LMH following the new CDC recommendation that staff be inoculated with the influenza vaccine (free of charge by the way) or wear a mask when within 6 feet of a patient (which is as much a protection for the staff as the patient, because believe it or not the flu virus is also spread through the air, via sneezing etc.), the hospital has initiated the World Health Organization and CDC's "5 Moments of Hand Hygiene" recommendation.

We encourage everyone to do what they can to stay healthy and fight disease (exercise, eat healthy, drink in moderation, don't smoke... for example) but not everyone is successful. And when your body can no longer fight off the virus' of our world, we are here for you.

Might I suggest if you want to visit your friend in the hospital, and you (or your child) are not feeling well yourself, that you send a card instead? (we even have free ecards online you can send! Or feel free to wear a mask yourself we will most probably have masks available for visitors very soon. And don't forget to wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer available on almost every wall!

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First Lawrence baby of 2013 a 'Jayhawk'

oops! that should be SAFE - sorry!

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First Lawrence baby of 2013 a 'Jayhawk'

I need to clarify, the car seat was donated by Douglas County Save Kids Coalition . The hospital donated a sleep sack and blanket from LMH Gift Shop. She is a beautiful addition to this great family!
And you can see pictures of Alexis on LMH's Facebook page

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New Year's Day crime map

Cool map, but man this is disturbing...

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Two Lawrence residences attract HGTV attention

I saw the episode last night! Now I need to drive by and see what all the hub bub is about!

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Stacia Griffith, Lawrence, left, holds her 1-day-old daughter Maggie, while her son, Charlie, receiv

This is one of my favorite events of the year. I always enjoy the patients reaction when they hear the girls are wanting to visit, but this year was exceptional! The degree of engagement with both the patients and the players made it hard to stop smiling! I wish the girls a safe California trip and continued success on the court in 2013!

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