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Weekend Guide: Folk music, blessed animals, farm tours and a chili hoedown

What about Rock the Block-Kick Cancer? Tonight 6 PM · Between Ellena Honda and Briggs Auto along West 29th Terrace

3 bands - Beer Bellies, LandRush and ThunderKat
themed basket drawings
food & drink

$45 per person - Proceeds support cancer detection for the community at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

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What do you think is an appropriate sanction for the K-State marching band?

I believe it was an unfortunate accident and do not believe there should be any sanctions other than some additional marching practice...

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Kansas City area to get 1,001 electric car chargers

LMH has an electric car charging station and it is used quite often actually. This feature was added over a year ago when we were putting in a sidewalk and lighting... as of today, it is free of charge and can accommodate 2 charging vehicles! I love seeing cars "getting a drink" while their owners are visiting, so I do notice it often....

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Lawrence school officials weigh pros and cons of later start times for teens

Kaitlyn Foster, I applaud your work ethic and social activism but your articulation is beyond your years! To not only hold your own against a very negative and mean spirited Philipp Wannemaker, but to in effect 'shut him down" is very impressive and adult! You shall go far! Bravo!

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KU Hospital listed as one of the 100 best in the U.S.

Andrew, LMH received several national Top 100 awards last year.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital was named one of the nation’s 2013 100 Top Hospitals® by Truven Health Analytics, a Top 100 HealthStrong Hospital by iVantage Health Analytics and the 100 Great Community Hospitals list by Becker’s Hospital Review.

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Lawrence's Hank Booth and Beverly Smith Billings to be recognized for service at Chamber of Commerce annual meeting

Two perfect recipients! True examples of selfless public service and both had amazing mentors! Congratulations Hank and Beverly! Enjoy the spotlight, you deserve it!

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Daylight Donuts shop opens near Ninth and Iowa streets

Chad, "a picture of sophistication" you crack me up!

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County to renew contract with tow truck operators

Why take a chance? If I need a tow I ALWAYS ask for Hillcrest Wrecker! Upstanding, compassionate & trustworthy ownership trickles down to their drivers... clean, courteous and responsible... a loyal customer for over 30 years!

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital agrees to be part of health information network

In an article in the Kansas Medical Society it states: "Since Kansas is an opt-out state patients are included in the health information exchange unless they take proactive action to contact KHIE and opt themselves out. Now one year later, after a media campaign and significant press coverage only 320 patients have opted out. For more information on KHIN, visit or contact Laura McCrary at"

But know, if you are traveling and become ill, it could take some time for the hospital you are in to access your medical history, and in many emergent

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