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Death with dignity

Will "doctors" be forced to kill people? Many in the medical community are forced to provide drugs they are opposed to. Will the "service" be covered by insurance? Will Obama care cover this? Once you have doctors killing people, is it a really big step to have doctors killing people at the orders of the government?

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Carbon fee

I would pay the tax, get it back, then buy what I want.
Why not just buy what I want?

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Carbon fee

Carbon is only a pollutant to the ignorant. We don't get our drinking water from ice.

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The Kaw Valley Older Women's League is circulating a petition to add physician assisted death as an option in Kansas. Do you support physician assisted death?

I don't support it, KILL YOURSELF. People are always wanting others to do things for them.

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Carbon fee

What we really need is an Oxygen fee. Do you know how much damage oxidation causes? Billions per year.
People with the gall to have grass, trees, shrubs, should pay a fee. Cities with parks should pay the federal government a fee.
We should pave everything.

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What advancing in the NCAA Tournament means, financially, to Bill Self

No problem as long as the program is financially self (ha ha) sufficient. A big problem with programs that don't carry their weight. Not just athletic programs but academic as well.

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Bob Dole honored for practicing lost art of compromise

Dole and the like on each side gets you a 16 trillion dollar debt. Cut spending now.

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Do you think a youth fieldhouse/sports tournament center in northwest Lawrence would be successful?

It is my understanding that the city needs to build a sewage treatment plant in the east part of town, I also seem to remember that funding will be difficult to come by. I hope the new library, and sports facility won't have flush toilets.

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Town Talk: Large youth Texas fieldhouse may serve as model for Lawrence project; North Lawrence river project up for key votes tonight; downtown homeless shelter sets Sept. 16 as move-out date

Bill, stick with coaching basketball. There is no way this will be self sustaining, look at Eagle Bend or Sport to Sport.

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Pharmacists weigh in with advice about vitamin supplements

Essentially no men and only a few women need iron supplements.

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